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I love the change of seasons.  It’s when a host of lovely new patterns come out, inspiring one’s creativity, generating dreams of cuddly warm things to wear and very cool patterns to discover, new knitting techniques to learn, and squishy new yarns to discover!

Of course, it helps that in New Zealand, it’s still cool when the Northern Hemisphere Fall collections are released.  For a brief month or so I can pretend it’s still cold, and that the temperature is going down, not up.

I am itching to try some of the very gorgeous new things I’ve seen in the just-released Brooklyn Tweed BT 13.  It doesn’t help that I’ve just broken out in a rash of “cable-itis” and the desire to knit cables, cables and cables is running amok in my brain!

However, I also discovered on my recent month’s banishment from the interwebs that I have a stash of very nice patterns already sitting in the house.  Nothing like the shiny new thing to distract one from the things one already has…


This is Affection, a pattern by Sarah Hatton, from Rowan Mag No. 50.

As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew I wanted to knit it in Zealana Heron.  Rowan Yarn is super expensive and hard to find in New Zealand, so what better compliment to this beautiful pattern than to match it with some of New Zealand’s finest?  It has taken me so long to get to this for one reason or another.  I am pleased the project is finally on the needles!

Affection 2You see how the stitches are still quite defined?  Guess what will happen when I give this baby a bath?

My expectation is that I’m going to get some lovely blooming happening, so that the end result will be a beautiful haze over a pattern that still holds stitch definition.

Let’s see how it turns out!


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14 thoughts on “Affection

  1. Oh wow, that looks lovely 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished thing

  2. Looks lovely, and I know what you mean about new patterns, and BT13, so much to choose from, I can’t knit fast enough and anyway I’m spending too long drooling over patterns when I should be knitting!

  3. Its looking lovely, can’t wait to see more of it!

  4. I really like the heather in this yarn. The cable definition is terrific. What a warm, cozy hug this gansey will be.

  5. Beautiful, and the yarn is making those cables pop!

  6. No wonder you’re wishing it to get cooler instead of warmer, with a lush garment like that on your needles..
    And I can see what you mean by the BT fall collection, too…mmm… 🙂

  7. Your twists and cables look wonderful. It is only a few weeks now til I have some “squishy new” NZ made wool for you to try. The fleeces have just been through the scouring process in Timaru and the comment from the scourers is that the wool is “beautiful, bulky and clean”. I cant wait for it be to be spun and dyed. I know it will suit twists and cables

  8. What color way is the Heron? It looks a little like an oil slick, which I think is quite neat.

    And that sweater is really pretty. I think you’ve paired the pattern and yarn well.

  9. rowan yarn is prob not so expensive if you buy from Deramores. I think Zealana is expensive too!

  10. I love cables, especially in the cooler months. Looks like Affection is going to be stunning!