A sweet cable

Here is Affection, all finished!

Rowan Affection

I have mixed feelings about this sweater.  Although I love the cropped look in Rowan’s pattern photo, I knew that the moment I bent down, or reached up, or did anything other than stand straight, it would have annoyed the snot out of me to have knitted it at that length.  I would be constantly tugging it down to cover exposed ‘bits’ of tummy or butt cleavage.  Not really my cup of tea these days!

So I added in an extra repeat of the cable, and an extra inch to the sleeves to accommodate my freakishly long arms, and it’s exactly the length and fit that it is meant to be on me.  However, it does not look like the picture.  My brain is having issues accepting the way this looks “because it’s what you intended it to be” against “but it’s not like the picture!”

I suspect I should have knitted one size smaller to make it not so wide though.  Ah well, I hear “boxy” is in!

Grumbling aside, I do love the look of the cables in the front.  They are so sweet!


The yarn, Zealana Heron, is also another winner – it feels like a soft, warm hug, and the colour and texture match the delicacy of the cable pattern very well.  It’s the Cloud Blue shade, in case you’re wondering.

I mentioned in my last post about this sweater that I expected the yarn to bloom. Let’s have a look and see shall we?

This is it unblocked:

Heron Unblocked

Compare it with the blocked:

Heron Blocked 2

The difference is not major, but there is a definite softening of lines and a certain softness of look that I expected to see.  As with all possum yarns, the bath has allowed the possum fibres to expand out of the merino wool and fill in the gaps between the yarn.  There is a lovely haze that promises warmth and cosiness, and a softness that means wearing it next to the skin is a complete reality. 

I’m looking forward to wearing it when winter rolls around.

18 thoughts on “A sweet cable

  1. I hear boxy is in too, but I never felt comfortable in boxy even back in the 80’s so I’ll be doing a bit of shaping still in anything I make. Love the cables on that, and the colour is so lovely and subtle.

      1. I normally have no idea what’s in, have always worn what I like; which at the moment is totally uncool trackies cos they’re comfy and I’m spring cleaning.

  2. I can’t believe how quickly you’ve knitted it. I think it looks lovely, though I know what you mean about how things look compared with how they were in your mind’s eye.
    And that Zealana wool…….mmmmm.

  3. yeah I think it looks ever so slightly big on you – but it looks lovely! Nice cables.I reckon a cropped jumper would be fine if you layer it over a longer top.

  4. I love it on you, you made all the right decisions to my mind and the yarn is delicious, the colour wonderful. Boxy is for our daughters, well not mine, the darling girl is 8 months pregnant, but i hesitate to say boxy is for youthful bodies as there are some of us, and not me I must add, whom the God of Genetics smiled upon at birth and can wear boxy to this day. I prefer the length you have chosen, it makes the pattern outstanding. Congratulations 🙂

  5. I think it is beautiful ! Didn’t think it looked particularly big or boxy either…, just like a snug winter garment. And personally, though I like how cropped looks, too, I find a little more room in my clothes quite comfy, plus it means you can still wear a blouse or shirt underneath, should it be a very cold day out…

  6. I can’t see anything wrong with it…actually I think it is going more to the current trends and to wear it with skinny jeans and chucks or other flat shoes…It dose look really great and the colour is fantastic..

  7. Even if it isn’t like the picture, I think you knitted that sweater to the right length. Having a sweater ride up is quite uncomfortable.

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