The Shepherd Hoodie and the yarn

If you entered the giveaway competition from my last post, and named Anna Gratton as the yarn I am using for the Shepherd Hoodie, you are to be congratulated on being correct!

It is indeed Anna Gratton in the 8 ply, 100% pure wool naturals Corriedale, as so many of you have so correctly guessed! Well done to all of you!

I drew the lucky winners Margaret and Mel today, and I have sent you a personal message to choose your yarn colour choice.

Would you like to know what these lucky ladies can choose from?

Anna Gratton CorriedaleThis is the range of colours in natural shades from Anna Gratton.  The hank is a 200g sized hank of DK weight yarn.  In actual fact, it is more like a light worsted in weight, as I can knit worsted weight patterns with this yarn very comfortably.

The colours are from the top: white, coffee (this is the colour I’m using to knit The Shepherd.  The colour is sometimes also called Brown Moorit), peat, papa and oatmeal.  As you can see, I love the colours and yarn so much that I have some of each…

Thank you so much for playing the game with me and for your great observations about the yarn.  I was quite surprised and very happy to see that almost everyone got the right yarn!  Wow.

Would you like to see where I have got up to with the Shepherd Hoodie?

The ShepherdNow, Sally over at notjustknitting and I have got together with a plan for a KAL for this hoodie.  Would you like to join us?  (Assuming I can stop.knitting.the.hoodie and wait for you guys… or I might just have to knit another!)

If you would like to knit the Shepherd Hoodie with us, please pop in to my Ravelry Group “All About New Zealand Yarns” where I have set up a forum for all to post pics  and discuss.

Current proposal is a 7 October start date with a 18 November finish.  Use the yarn of your choice.  Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who will be getting some of the original Juniper Moon yarn in the kit for this pattern!?

4 thoughts on “The Shepherd Hoodie and the yarn

  1. I love the colours that you are using in you hoodie. It reminds me of a cardigan my Mum knitted years ago. I think actually it was the last thing she knitted. It was lovely (is) I’m not too sure why Mum has stopped knitting. yet another night shift. Boy. I am finding them hard going lately xx

  2. Ooo, nice progress! It is really good to see all the colours together – something lacking on Anna’s site, sadly. They all look so lovely – hard to pick a favourite.

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