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A few days ago, my son Eric received in the mail, a gift from his great-aunt.  It was a hand-knitted t-shirt.

DSC09560 (960x1280)

(excuse the sundry ironing in the background).

As you would imagine, any knitted gift to the household of a knitter is avidly poured over and very much appreciated.

Look at the professional detailing in the finishing:

Double collar

A double, mitred collar.  Complete with personalised label!

Lined pocketa lined pocket, painstakingly hand-stitched into place.

Folded hem

a folded hem, almost invisible.

Folded sleeve hemSimilar treatment on the sleeve edging.

The exquisite detailing in this garment nearly had me in tears.  The overall effect of the carefully chosen details and finishing work gave me fresh impetus to continue to refine my efforts and make that extra effort with finishing details in my own knitting.

I do not know how old his great-aunt is, and we have never met her as she lives in England.  An educated guess will be that she is in her 70’s or even ’80s.  To say the least, I was immensely touched at the effort she went to with this gift.

The yarn particularly caught my attention.  It is very fine, and drapes like a dream. Perfectly cool as a summer t-shirt.  On further inspection of the inside seams, and having noted the regularity of the yarn ball changes, I suspect she has actually used embroidery cotton to knit this!!

The blue and the green are the same yarn but the white is a plied yarn that is different to the blue and green, and yet they blend so harmoniously.

I understand from Eric’s father that his aunt is a former editor of the UK Machine Knitting News.  Her skill certainly shows through.  I wish I could meet her.


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17 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. That’s phenomenally fantastic! The colours, the effort, the detail! What a gorgeous and inspiring gift! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Does Eric get to wear this or will it be hands off “on display only.” I’d be torn!

    (He is so cute. His legs look longer than they did 9 months ago when I saw him.)

  3. What a lovely gift. Do you think it might be machine knit? I used to machine knit when my kids were young and make all their school sweaters etc. fine yarns were very available in the 80’s. The great Aunt might have hand finished the collar etc. yes I used to buy all the magazines too. Contrary to popular knitting opinion domestic machine knitting takes quite a bit of skill and practise. Ask me how I know!!
    She did a great job.

    • Given that she was the editor of Machine Knitting News, it is likely she machine knitted it. I wouldn’t know, but I will take your practised eye for it! I am still in awe, even if the bits were machine knit and then hand finished.

  4. Wow, what an amazing gift ! Seeing the first picture, without having read any yet, I didn’t even realize it was knitted, so fine and detailed !

  5. Thanks for sharing this lovingly made shirt with all of us. It’s truly a gem!

  6. What a masterpiece! AND what a thoughtful and handsome gift for your son. As you said the details are many and the fit is perfect. Being the expert knitter that you are I know it is a special gift in deed.
    Love the Good Shepherd hooded sweater too!

  7. Wow! What a treasure.

  8. Beautiful piece of art!

    BTW, here in the US we’d call that a Polo Shirt.


  9. Wow, that is amazing! I have been thinking recently about knitting things for summer weather… Although in Welly it does get cold enough year round to keep churning out the jerseys and scarves!

    • Ha! If we have a repeat of last summer you’ll probably wish you did have something summery. My secret wish of course is that it stays nice and cool all summmer…

  10. What an amazing knit. She found the perfect household for that knit indeed.

  11. I couldn’t tell from far away. Man, she is expert! So impressive.

  12. that’s very impressive – and she’s chosen someone who’ll really appreciate wearing a beautiful knit!