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Warning… yarn p0rn follows


It is always a wonderful thing to come home on a Monday (don’t we all love it) to a squeal-worthy surprise in the mailbox.

I thought I’d brighten the beginning of your week with a little yarn appreciation, courtesy of some very gorgeous offerings that have just popped out of the bag from Doespins:

Doe Arnot hand dyesAren’t they fabulous!??  I feel like my head is going to explode with excitement at their sheer gorgeousness!! Shall I tell you what they are?

'Meridian' Hand dyed self striping Alpaca, Merino and Nylon sock 4ply

This is Doe Arnot’s Meridian colourway in 60% alpaca, 20% merino, 20% nylon.  It’s the Flagstaff Alpaca sock blend base, hand dyed by Doe Arnot, and sold under her own label:  Doespins.  I have taken this image from her website, because I can’t get my own to photograph properly up close and show off the sheer softness and squishiness of this pretty yarn (hope you don’t mind Doe!)  Best of all? It’s self-striping!  I can’t wait to start knitting this!!!

Hand-dyed sparkles

This is called Silverfish.  And yes, you see right – there is stellina sparkle in this sock yarn!!  It’s 75% merino, 20% nylon and 5% stellina.  It’s a base brought in from the UK especially by Doe. If you have been like me, and have been drooling over the stellina sparkle sock yarns that you’ve seen in international magazines, well, now we have our very own source of this yarn in New Zealand!!  I had to buy this immediately because I saw a sock pattern using this exact colour and yarn in one of the issues of The Knitter, and that is what it shall become!


This one is the Sundial colourway in a 100% bluefaced leicester wool high-twist yarn suitable for socks (of course) and whatever else you fancy knitting it into. More yummy UK base goodness, dyed into beautiful want-me colours by Doe Arnot!  I love bluefaced leicester wool.  It was a no-brainer to get this, and in such a lovely colour!  Oh, be still, my beating heart!!

Sometimes you see a colour on a website, but when it pops out of the packet in your mailbox, there is slight disappointment in what you actually receive.  Doe however, goes to a huge amount of care to get the colours exactly right.  So what you see on her website is really the colour you will get.  Such a very, talented lady.

I am in heaven.  I still can’t quite believe these beauties are mine.


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8 thoughts on “Warning… yarn p0rn follows

  1. YUM!! nothing like a bit of yarn p0rn to start the week right!

  2. I hope you knit the self-striping yarn first. I want to see how it looks!

  3. This yarn looks so beautiful! What a shame this all happens at the other side of world and so very bad for my ecological footprint.

  4. Beautiful!! Hope I can find these locally here in the States! Otherwise, will have to order from Doe!

  5. Sigh … what beauty and I can only imagine what they will become in your talented hands!

  6. Never thought I’d publicly admit to like p0rn… 😉