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The Bofur collection


Do you remember how I told you I was doing some secret knitting a little while ago?

Well, I can now tell you about some of it!

If you click on this link you’ll be taken to the part of Stansborough’s website that features their movie products.  Scroll down, and you’ll see…



Images are compliments of Stansborough.

Those are knitting kits for both Bofur’s gloves and scarf!!  And yours truly was lucky enough to help recreate the pattern and knit the sample!  Such an exciting and fast-paced project it was too!

It was an immense honour and privilege to work with Cheryl Eldridge at Stansborough to recreate a likeness of the costume design for the dwarf Bofur’s scarf and fingerless mittens from “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey”.  

The patterns are now available for sale as a kit of both pattern and yarn, and seeing it all packaged up and photographed is such a thrill!!  The folks at Stansborough have done a great job.

(I did not design or knit the originals used in the movie – just for clarity.)

You may have noticed that the yarn has been renamed “Mithril”.  This is part of the licensing agreement with Warner Brothers.

In addition to their availability from Weta, other retail stockists of Hobbit products and direct from Stansborough, the kits for the scarf and gloves will also soon be available from The YarnSisters in the US, Lanamania in Europe and in New Zealand from Holland Road Yarn Company and Mynx String Therapy, amongst others.

Thanks again to Cheryl for involving me in this exciting project.


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16 thoughts on “The Bofur collection

  1. Reblogged this on Mama T's Costumery and commented:
    My favourite things, knitting, costume and The Hobbit (my favourite book when I was a child). Have a look at the other posts about Stansborough Yarns too. X

  2. I was looking at those earlier in the week as a gift for my knitting sister. Fantastic.

  3. wow wow how cool! When we lived in London we regularly saw ‘Bofur’ aka Jimmy Nesbitt and his daughter is friends with mine – you picked the perfect dwarf in my view!!!!

    • Oh wow too! It was Cheryl who picked the dwarf, but I have to say he is one of my favourites in the movie. That is so cool how you have actually met him!

  4. What an exciting offer and project that was. Congratulations, you did a fabulous job! I bet you get more offers in the future : )

  5. Exceedingly cool! And very interesting reading about Stansborough too.

    • Cheryl and Barry Eldridge have put so much of their heart and soul into the Stansborough Grey breed of sheep. The wool is amazing, and what they do with it is incredible. My eyes can’t keep still whenever I go in there – so many lovely, drool-worthy fabrics and textures.

  6. Congratulations! Beautifully done.

  7. Oh wow. That must have been so exciting to be invited to design the kit knits. (And difficult to keep quiet.) They look great!

    • I felt like I was holding onto my tongue when it was happening! It was a very interesting project too. I have a whole lot of new respect for movie costume designers after knitting them – the treatment of the yarn and pattern to get the effect required was quite different to a ‘normal’ knitting pattern.

  8. Oh how very exciting; they look great. Good on you.

  9. So, so cool!!!

  10. Very exciting!! So you wrote the pattern for these designs too? They are very cool!