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Happy Day: The Shepherd Hoodie KAL begins


Today is a Happy Day, for at long last, I can restart knitting the Shepherd Hoodie!

This is my progress to date:

Shepherd Hoodie WIP

If you are noticing that this is slightly bigger than the previous picture… I may have had a small slipping one day… it was so tempting… just sitting there in all its luscious woolly glory… ;p

The lovely Sally over at notjustknitting (and the very talented hands behind Verandah Yarns) is knitting along with me – have a read of her beginning to this KAL here.  It is a handy thing indeed to be able to dye the colour one wants, because that is just what she has done!

If you’d like to join us in the KAL, please do pop by the KAL group that has been set up for this.  It will be fun to exchange notes and see how everyone is doing on it.

My experience so far:

I thought that it might be tricky to keep track of the cables, but this pattern is actually quite easy.  Once you have done one repeat of the cables, you realise it is a regular pattern.

Cable detail

This puts you in a very happy position of not having to be glued to the pattern (I hate that).  The only thing one needs to be aware of is to remember to make a button-hole every 3 inches.  This might yet be my undoing as I happily hum along with the knitting… I hope not!

Sally is using an aran weight yarn (closer to the suggest yarn in the pattern) while I am using a light worsted/DK weight from Anna Gratton’s Corriedales (100% wool yarn).


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15 thoughts on “Happy Day: The Shepherd Hoodie KAL begins

  1. Look forward to seeing it finished. BTW 4got to tell u Avos are great on pizza with brie cheeze 🙂

  2. You did so well to put down the needles (mostly) and wait until the KAL start date. It’s been a good long while since I’ve been so excited about a project and I’m so happy to have such a lovely KAL companion along for the ride!!!

  3. you mention that you’re using two different yarn weights. How do you manage the resulting gauge differences?

    • That’s an interesting question. I will leave Sally to address her gauge in her post, but mine has come out right using the yarn I have chosen. The pattern actually suggests different needle sizes to get different gauges depending on what size you are knitting – I’m using 5mm needles. It may be that Sally is using smaller ones for her size. You’ll have to read along to find out the answer! 😀

  4. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I’m interested in knitting a shorter version of this hoodie. Below the hips doesn’t look good on me.

  5. I’m using Zealana’s Kauri worsted and getting the gauge. It’s going to be very dense, but I think I’ll like that for Colorado winters.

  6. Your knitting looks lovely – beautiful colour!

  7. That is looking good!

    And as for keeping track of button holes, would it help to place a bit of colored yarn or a marker at each button hole? That way it would be easier to see when it looks like the next button hole needs to be put in.

    • Haha, it’s not as easy as that. The button hole is a one-row button hole done at the same time as you come up to it on the row. So you can’t mark the spot because it hasn’t been knitted yet! However, I’ve adopted something similar to your suggestion. I put a removeable marker on the button band when I’m coming up to 3″, so it reminds me to be mindful that I have to do something different soon.

  8. This is beautiful and looks so soft. What luxury.

  9. That’s a very nice looking sweater, love those cables!