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Stray Cat Socks


How can you not love a yarn with a name like that?

Well… there is even better in store than just the name….

Firstly, it was the cute wee boxes that popped out of my mailbag.

Stray Cat SocksThen look at what was inside!

Stray Cat Sock yarn

More stray cat sock yarnNow, I have to tell you I nearly burst when I discovered Stray Cat Socks.  Thanks to the naughty Jesse who shared her stash pic on my Ravelry group All About NZ Yarns.

Do you remember when I told you about that dream I had?  Well, if you go and have a look at the Stray Cat Socks link I shared, you will see that it is the about as close to the personification of my dream as I think we’ll ever get.  How buzzy is that!??  Tracy Filmer-Clark (that fabulous dyer behind the yarn) sure knows how to get a girl’s knitty pulse racing!

I have not yet knit my two pretties so I cannot tell you much about the yarn at this stage.  I’m still purring over them and petting their cute roundness.  I just adore how they are balled up as if hand-balled, and not caked or in a hank.  Just wonderful!!

The young boy thinks one should become a toy.  I can see a very cute toy in self-striping yarn.  We shall see how generous I feel…


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20 thoughts on “Stray Cat Socks

  1. I’m in love with them too!!

  2. They are beautiful and I just love the presentation.

    Bimbi x

  3. Thud! That’s me falling over from the sheer awesomeness of this yarn… Thanks for the share/enabling! Off to go look at Tracy’s site. : )

  4. Tres adorable!! So jealous

  5. Adorable. I want some and I don’t knit socks! Such pretty balls.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a perfect presentation and the yarn looks amazing. Knit them up soon, please!!! ; )

  7. Fantastic presentation..with such large balls of can thread the yarn through the top and not have your balls running out of control and into the path of my cat…Jan

    • I expected large balls of yarn, but actually, they fit into your palm! Even at 100g. Love your idea of using the box to hold the yarn to knit from!

  8. These are freaking awesome! The packing is so cool.

  9. Just too cute… ! Makes you want to have them all, if only so you could stare at and drool over them… 😉

  10. Striped sock yarn in a cute box…that is a dream! Love these.

  11. Very yummy – and isn’t it interesting how we all love the presentation too. Just goes to show how the whole experience is improved immensely by something like packaging.

  12. Oooo I was waiting to see these!! How exciting! I can’t wait to see them knitted up either…

  13. Can’t wait to see the finished product either

  14. Oh my goodness. Yet another yarn to drool over. I had a look at her colors, and for some reason Jaffa really tickles my fancy. It might be because no other knitters in my area would even recodnize the Jaffa reference.

  15. so cute I need to try this yarn thanks for sharing this

  16. I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE SOCK YARN, I do not need any more sock yarn, I … do….not….need…..any…..more….sock…..yarn…. Hmmm you have done It again, this stuff is just the most wonderful colours, can’t wait to see what you make, am absolutely drooling