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The Void of Lillia Hyrna


You’ll recognise this moment.  The last stitch has been bound off, the project is nicely blocking, you sit down back in your chair and…


Why this feeling of sudden loss?  That emptiness of hands?  The sense that a great void is rapidly opening up in one’s cosy corner of creativity? That friend whom you went back to finish an enjoyable conversation with, only to find she is gone!  Oh, the panic!  Oh, that spiralling disquiet!

Project grief.  It gets me every time.

The gift

This is a gift for my sister to celebrate the birth of her second son.  I think it’s starting to become a tradition for me to knit a shawl to celebrate a baby’s birth.  I was waiting for her to receive it before I showed it to you.

It’s Lillia Hyrna, from the Knitter’s Book of Wool.

Lillia Hyrna

It’s very pretty.

Lillia HyrnaI especially love the edging, even though it is a crochet bind-off, and I dislike crocheting very much.

More Lillia HyrnaThe beautiful yarn is Anna Gratton‘s Little Wool Co. 4 ply 100% wool naturals in Oatmeal and White.

This fingering (4ply) weight yarn is worsted spun which means the fleece wool has not only been carded but also gilled and combed to remove short fibres. This process allows the long wool fibres to lie in the same direction before spinning, resulting in a very smooth strand that is perfect for shawls. Also, the grade of New Zealand Corriedale wool selected for this yarn is a very fine micron, which means the yarn is also extremely soft, and perfect for against-the-skin wear.

I was very jealous sending this off.  Now I have to knit me a shawl in Little Wool Co.  4 ply!

If you are thinking of knitting one of these for yourself, I encourage you to read my notes here.  Although technically, there is nothing really wrong with the pattern (one very small errata is already mentioned on the pattern page), I did find it a tad frustrating to knit because some of the design elements were not to my taste (such as incomplete lace motifs along the centre increase panel).  My notes might help you to anticipate what you’d like to do at the points in the pattern that I mention if they concern you like they did me.

Overall, it is a lovely pattern, and I am pleased with how it turned out, and glad that I knitted it.

As for the void?  Do not worry, it has been rapidly filled by a veritable flood of new (and current) projects.  Although I think I also hear another shawl calling my name…


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17 thoughts on “The Void of Lillia Hyrna

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Anna Gratton’s wool and sliver is so lovely to work with

  2. This is just beautiful, I have never heard of this wool in Australia, I think I will have to start some on-line wool ordering! Your sister is a very lucky lady 🙂

  3. Ahhhh yes……..”The Void”…….it is a momentarily bottomless pit that gapes and echoes of stitches and yarns past. I am knitting a baby set for Tiffany’s imminent new baby in Zealana Kiwi Fingering weight and I love, love, love this beautiful merino, cotton and possum yarn, it is a delight …..but i know that i will fall into the same void as soon as it is finished. Ahhhhhhh yes indeed, a familiar place it will be for a short visit too. Thankfully i have several other bigger WIP for this new little person but i will so miss this magic yarn being on my needles and through my hands.

    • I was so busy feeling the future, I did not comment on your extremely pretty shawl. It is absolutely a delight and I do love the colour combinations and you have me itching to try that yarn now too. Your sister must just absolutely love it to pieces, the lucky, lucky woman. It will be an heirloom within her family. Congratulations 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful. Another impressive work of art, and finished in such a shirt time too.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous-a wonderful heirloom gift for your sister’s family. And I love the yarn, I am currently crocheting with a bamboo yarn, a tad slippery. Give me an NZ natural fibre anytime, So much more of a pleasure to knit with And if you are short on inspiration, just peek at pinterst lol you will be lost for a few hours and may even be lost in the eye candy there……

  6. Beautiful shawl, I love the colours you used! I also suffer from project grief but making sure I always have a pair of socks on the go (you can never have too many socks) means at least there is something I can pick up while planning my next project.

  7. That’s beautiful! No wonder you’re missing it. Congratulations to your sister, and to you!

  8. I just experienced this same project grief when I bound off a sweater that I was really enjoying knitting. Naturally, a new sweater jumped onto my needles! Gorgeous shawl ~ lucky sister!

  9. I think this is why I have so many WIPs, I never feel anything but relief when I finish a project! Your shawl is lovely.

  10. Extremely gorgeous! Wow.

  11. So very, very beautiful! Your choice of yarn and ‘colour’ is perfect.

  12. Stunning!

  13. my voids don’t last long – there’s also a new or unfinished project to busy myself with when I manage to finish something! Lovely shawl,your sister is very lucky!

  14. Oh, but the feeling of choosing a new project compensates.

    • I wish I was so easily mollified. There are so many projects, which one to choose!?? In my state of “I want to knit them all!” I find I’m eyeing up at least two other projects once I cast on!

      It’s like others have so accurately observed here – it’s that project that you especially love that causes the most grief I think.