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KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie Week 3


This week, I deliberately went slow on the hoodie.

Week 3

I told myself it was because I didn’t want to get too ahead of Sally.  I had knitted quite a few inches of the hoodie before we agreed to a KAL, after all.

Instead, I focused on finishing up (and starting) a few projects, giving them every reason in the world to come first, ahead of the Shepherd Hoodie.

But deep down inside, my stomach was churning the real answer:  sleeves. Sleeves that are knitted in the round.  Sleeves of Doom.  And I was edging ever closer to them!

I have been known to deliberately knit sleeves flat even though they are meant to be knitted in the round, because I have such an aversion of knitting them in this way.  It’s all that chunk of material (the whole sweater!) that has to go round and round and round every time I turn a row… it makes me dizzy.  It’s very different to sock knitting, which is a very small piece of fabric that sits neatly in the hand.  I may yet see if I can knit these sleeves flat although I suspect it won’t be possible in this case without a huge amount of trouble.

In the meantime, I have talked myself into understanding that I have to knit the bodice before I need to knit the sleeves, so I might as well do that before worry about what is to come?

Leaving aside the sleeve issue, here’s what I have to say about the knitting this week:

The armholes are genius.  Why hasn’t anyone thought before to knit across the row, putting the stitches that are already knitted on to waste yarn, rather than binding off and then having more annoying ends to tidy up later?  Very smart, Kate Davies!

The other thing I’m looking forward to (despite my worries about the sleeves) is the armhole gusset.  It’s seed stitch.  No bulk under the arms, and extra room to allow movement.  Love it!

Sally made a very smart point in her post last week.  She said she was going to knit another three inches so as not to mess up the buttonhole placement.  Aha!  I thought, yes, that is a good point.  If I knit less than 3″, I may find the buttonhole in a strange place.  So I have done the same.  The “skirt” of the hoodie now measures 20 1/2″ like Sally’s.

This week, I also went in search of buttons.


The young boy helped me pick them out, saying the swirls were very complimentary to the cables.  He’s got quite an eye, I have to say!


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8 thoughts on “KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie Week 3

  1. It looks fabulous and you’ve made great progress – well done!!

  2. Every 2-3 rounds you could just untwist the sleeves, then you don’t have to tackle the whole cardigan. Happy knitting. Imke

  3. That is a great button. Sleeves can be a bit monotonous. I am personally an in the round person though. Usually to down has you plug the sleeve stitches on waste yarn.

  4. I’m falling behind!! Just got to the the armhole division after adding a couple of extra inches as you suggested. My buttonholes look terrible with only one stitch at the edge – wish I’d read your suggestion before. I think I’ll add a narrow edge on the band.

    • Doesn’t sound like you are that far behind. 🙂 I’m sorry that the buttonband isn’t looking too good. It will look better when there is a button in the hole. I suspect this is where a thin crochet edging will come in handy.

  5. I am currently knitting sleeves in the round, down, using the “Magic Loop” technique, which means you don’t have to turn the sleeves around, just half turns back and forth. It is brilliant. You just need a longer circular needle.

    Good luck.

    Diane Head