Knitting a bat

While we were in the shop picking up some Halloween decorations last week, the young boy spotted a ‘make your own kit’.

The kit“Ooh, mum!, can we get this!?” he asked excitedly.

” Yes, as long as you do it yourself – it’s your kit, OK?”


We got home.  The kit instructions proved completely indecipherable.   Even I could not make head or tail out of them.  Undeterred, I looked up YouTube, and found a great tutorial on loom knitting.

I got him started, and he was off!

He knits!The next day, he’d finished!  Here he is, binding off…

At this point, I got a bit jealous.  Someone in the house was knitting, and it wasn’t me! 😦  There was housework to be done, and all I could do was watch from the sidelines!

Sewing upSewing up the looped rope into a coil.

StickingSticking all the bat bits on to the coil.

Et voila!Et voilà!  It is done!  He was very possessive over this and refused to let me help at all.  (I was secretly quite proud).

In fact, he was so happy with his efforts that he prompted started an orange coil to make a pumpkin.   The pumpkin is finished, and now he’s on to a multicolour coil.

It’s quite funny having a knitting companion on the house…

15 thoughts on “Knitting a bat

  1. Gorgeous! And funny to see there is now a plastic version with 6 spikes. My childhood version was a wooden cotton reel (probably don’t exist any more!), to which my father added 4 nails and away you went.

    1. There still are those ones around. I learned this weekend that they are the mini version of looms that can be huge (big enough to knit a hat as a tube, or maybe even a sweater body!?).

  2. Good Job your little guy did! You must be quite proud he kept with it. (some kids don’t) I think you may have a budding knitter : )

    1. I showed him how to catch the edges of the coil together to join them up. We also put a running thread through the centre of the coil to hold it all together.

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