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Fresh, stripy socks


A freshly minted pair of hand-knit socks is always welcome in my sock drawer.

Self-striping socks

They’re finished!

I LOVE them!!!  Hand-dyed self-striping yarn is lovely.  It has such a nice “coloured-in” look to it, like someone drew a pair of socks with crayon on a piece of paper, and then somehow the picture magically materialised into real socks!

The yarn is pretty special too.  Super soft alpaca sock yarn.

Yarn:  Doepins alpaca/merino/nylon sock yarn in the Meridian colourway.


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9 thoughts on “Fresh, stripy socks

  1. You accurately described these socks. What a great way to express its color way.

  2. Those look super cozy!

    How many other pairs of socks do you have? I remember seeing a bunch on the line, but I’ll bet that was just the tip of the iceberg.

    (Also, to answer your question about Elephant Seals, they don’t smell at all since they fast when they are on land. I can’t say the same for the California Sea Lions….)

    • I think you saw most of them actually. I tend to wear them and save up the washing until I have no more to put on… I haven’t counted, but it’s about 12 pairs. Not quite two weeks of one sock a day yet!

  3. Those are awesome! I love self-striping sock yarns.

  4. I have a serious crush on these beautiful socks!

  5. Yet again, another pair of wonderful socks from your clever needles. i just love your description of the colouration :).

  6. how beautiful, congratulations on your newly minted pair of stripey socks!

  7. Yummy !
    ( suddenly feel the urge to do some sock-knitting too…. hihi.. )

  8. I heart these socks! Off to check out that wool… I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. 🙂