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KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie Week 4


This week, I finished the fronts and back of the Shepherd Hoodie:

Fronts and back

It’s on to Those Sleeves now!

I think the most interesting thing about the knitting this week is that during the second row of neck shaping, you bind off to the end of the row, break that yarn and then rejoin the yarn to the live stitches left before the bind off, to start your new row and continue with the neck shaping.  See the photo below – you can see that the yarn got bound off once, the yarn broken and then rejoined back to the start of the bind-off to recommence knitting.

The pattern doesn’t say ‘break yarn’ and this has caused confusion to at least one person who asked this question on the Ravelry KAL discussion thread on “All About New Zealand Yarns”, so I thought I would share the point here.

Two bind off points

One of the things I like about the continuous cables is that it is possible to keep track of length by matching the cables and ensuring that you bind off and finish rows at exactly the same point as the previous piece.  I find that sometimes it is very difficult to measure knitting to exactly the same size as the other side (I believe this is why some people use row counters).  By being able to knit to the cable pattern, I know when to stop and don’t have to worry I haven’t measured my knitting wrong!

Of course, you do have to remember that in the Shepherd Hoodie, the cables are mirrored, so you won’t have them looking exactly the same on each side, but at least the length of each cable is exactly the same.

counting cables

Having finished the fronts, I saw that my calculations were slightly off on the number of buttons I needed.  I have nine buttonholes, and I bought eight buttons.

I must have known I would be short at the back of my mind though, because I decided to buy this gorgeous number at the same time, and it shall be my top button:


I would have liked to use all these buttons on my jacket, they are so pretty!  But I could not bear to bring myself to pay for more than one.  It was $4.50!!!!!! That is almost the same price as 50g of my yarn.  I doubt that it’s hand-painted. Perhaps hand-finished, as it is a nut shell, but still, the price was just too ridiculous for me.

Lastly, a tiny preview of the fit:


I know it will fit me nicely because the neckline and armholes are perfect.  The blocking will fix the rest of the width when it is finished.  I rather like the length too:


Don’t forget to check out Sally’s post for her thoughts on this week’s knitting.  She also has some beautiful pictures of what she’s been up to lately…. including the happiest, sweetest little lambs.


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11 thoughts on “KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie Week 4

  1. Wow – it looks fabulous – well done you!!

  2. Its looking good,… and so good to see it being tired on while still under construction, some thing not many knitters seem to do..its too late to tweek when its all sewn up … lol..great stuff 🙂

    • Hehe, I have a bit of a thing about trying things on when under construction. I need to know it will be okay!! As you say, you can tweak much more easily while it’s happening rather than afterwards!

  3. That top button , is so cute ! I can’t believe buttons can be so exspensive ! Are you going to knit the sleeves in the round or flat ? Which do you prefer ? I can’t decide what to do for my hoodie !

    • I’ve started knitting them in the round, using the magic loop method that Diane so helpfully suggested. It’s ok, but I vastly prefer knitting sleeves flat!

  4. It does look super. I like patterned patterns too for the reason that you know for sure you can match the shaping….

  5. It looks gorgeous! That is a very expensive, but extremely cute button.

  6. I love the way this embraces you. With the hood up you will be as snug as a bug in NZ rug! Beautiful work and how true about measuring with cables.

  7. That’s why I like top-down knitting, so i can try on as I go. Amy Herzog goes on about the advantages of piece knitting and measuring yourself properly etc, but it doesn’t’ fit with my psychological makeup!

  8. It is going to be great this vest!
    I discover your blog with pleasure.
    I too have realize the vest Benbecula from Rowan. You can see it on my blog:
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  9. This is looking absolutely wonderful. I love it!!! 🙂