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Are you WALing too?


Have you noticed the new image on my sidebar?

Yes, it’s November!  And that means it’s Wovember!

This year, Wovember organisers have come up with a new way that knitters can participate in promoting pure wool: the WAL.

It’s simple:  in short, simply knit a project in 100% wool during Wovember, notify the organisers on 15 November and send them a pic of your finished project on 30 November! (have a look at the link I’ve given above for full details)

Pure wool is so versatile…

More Lillia Hyrna




Pure wool

As you can guess, I already have mine – the Shepherd Hoodie strikes me as an extremely Wovemberish project.  Plus, we’re allowed to include a project that we have already started!

So what are you waiting for?  I bet you have a 100% wool WIP project tucked into your basket somewhere… why not finish it during November and send in your photo?

It will be a fantastic tribute to, and showcase of pure wool to see all those amazing projects.


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13 thoughts on “Are you WALing too?

  1. love the pics and the wool 🙂

  2. Clever way to celebrate wool.

  3. I began my WAL sweater last Saturday when I first saw notice of the WAL on the Wovember website. Having a great time & can’t wait to see other people’s projects.

  4. I have a thought that’s probably going to be put into action. I cant let Wovember go by without some participation, it wouldn’t feel right 🙂

  5. What an excellent idea. I adore the hat, it’s really gorgeous.

  6. That hat really is lovely. Is it your own design, or available on Ravelry perhaps?

  7. I was wondering if you were still going to release the hat. It is quite lovely!