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KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie Week 5


On Friday, I came home and sank into my knitting chair with a hot cup of tea with a happy sigh, thoroughly relieved it was Friday.

It has been a strange week for me.  I am still feeling very out of sorts about the state the ocean is in, and combined with a very stressful week at work, I haven’t been able to concentrate very well.  Small mistakes have been made that I don’t usually make, and these made me feel even more disquieted.  It doesn’t help that I came down with a cold.

Knitting has been very soothing to the nerves.

So… what has gone down?  Here’s the progress pic:

Progress week 5

I have to say that I am extremely happy with the way the shoulder looks on this hoodie.  It fits me perfectly!

In the end, I decided to take Diane’s suggestion, and knit the sleeves using the magic loop method.  While there is no struggling with DPNs, I am finding it quite slow going due to having to stop and adjust the cords every half row.  Straight knitting of sleeves is still my favourite method I will have to say!

I decided to see if I could find any other experiences of knitting the Shepherd Hoodie on Ravelry, as it’s always good to know how others are finding the project. While I didn’t find any information on the hoodie in particular, I did find a general agreement that Kate Davies’ sleeves are often a bit tight.  With this information in mind, I decided to try the hoodie on for fit once I’d knitted a bit into the decrease.

What I have found is that while the shoulder area fits perfectly, the sleeves are quite slim fitting, and have decided not to decrease any further than the end of the seed stitch gusset.  Having tried on the sleeves, I can confirm that this was the right approach for me.

Sleeve gusset

While I was happily enjoying how nicely this hoodie is coming along, I did notice that the button bands are probably not as sturdy as I’d like.  I suspect this is only because I’m using yarn that is a bit finer than recommended.  To give them a little bit more substance, I’m going to add this lovely lace edging backing:

Lace ribbon backing

It’s not very heavy, but it will give the button band just that tiny bit more strength than it has now.

To date, I’ve used 600g of yarn, and have started on my fourth hank.  I figure by the time I finish, I will have knitted about 750g of yarn.

You’ll probably have noticed that my progress was a bit slow this week.  I’ve been working on a couple of secret things as well.  I’ll show them to you in due course.

So how are you doing with your knitting?  I know that some of you are knitting along… don’t be shy!

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12 thoughts on “KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie Week 5

  1. It’s looking so lovely and your comments on the sleeve adjustments are very helpful. I’m still really loving the process but let myself become easily distracted this past week and the time just whizzed by. Sundays come around a lot faster than you’d think!!

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished result . I’m knitting sleeves at the moment , it’s taking ages. Love the colour of your hoodie x

  3. it is very beautiful, a nice natural shade for all those cables 🙂

  4. I am with you about the ocean…the article of that first hand experience left me devastated. I just can’t imagine how this is all going to play out in the future. Knowing all this and one still has to take each day and make the best of it…

    Your hoodie is gorgeous…while you have been doing all this beautiful work, beginning knitter me…I have been struggling to learn to make a pair of fingerless mitts with double pointed needles and I’ve restarted now about 30 times… Can’t imagine ever knitting anything as beautiful as what you are doing.

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels bad about what is happening out there, although it would be better if it wasn’t happening at all!

      Don’t worry. Knitting is like any skill – practice makes perfect! You’ll look back at your knitting in a year’s time and be amazed at how far you have come.

  5. Lovely work. Its texture is amazing.
    Sorry you’re ill and was out of sorts Friday. I get like that when I don’t have enough sleep.
    I’ve been making great progress on two of my projects.

  6. I love that little bit of lace you are adding to your hoodie. I might have to copy your idea someday!

  7. Looks great – I’m always partial to a bit of cabling. I’ve just finished my 4th knitted hat since last Wednesday when I was off sick. I think I’ve found my “thing”.

    • Hats are great. They are interesting to knit and very quick, and yet you can get a lot of detail into them. I look forward to seeing your new creations!

  8. The sweater is beautiful. I love Kate Davies’ designes (even if my “Deco” has been languishing for a year!). Can’t wait to see it finished.