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A special Christmas gift: the Shackleton Bear


If you’re hunting around for a meaningful Christmas gift for a young person, I highly recommend Shackleton Bear.  We got one today, and the young boy loves it!

Proceeds from the sales of Shackleton Bear go towards supporting the Million Dollar Mouse Fund, a project to eradicate the mouse from the Antipodes Islands.

Here is some information about the project and the original news release.

Watch this amazing video of Gareth Morgan’s “Our Far South” journey to the bottom of the world along with fifty everyday New Zealanders, to discover the importance of Antarctica, the Sub-Antarctic islands and the Southern Ocean:  Our Far South Antarctica.

I really enjoyed watching it… I have to admit that I spent quite a lot of time thinking “what a fabulous opportunity to wear wool!!”


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9 thoughts on “A special Christmas gift: the Shackleton Bear

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. That film is fascinating.

  2. Hi! I was very interested to read about the Shackleton Bear and thought it would make a lovely Christmas present for a little one in my family. I’m having trouble purchasing it here in NZ, though. Did you have it shipped to NZ or elsewhere? I wouldn’t bother you but I can’t even find a contact address, phone number or email address on the site. Rather disappointed. 😦

    • You are quite right, it is hard to find their contact details! I’ve found the link where you can send them an email:

      I live in Wellington, so when I went through to check out, the option for me was to pick the bear up from their Featherston St offices. I think if you live elsewhere the shipping is calculated on check out and you are advised when you order it?

      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much for that address. The message I received at checkout reads:

        “Sorry, it seems that there are no available shipping methods for your location (New Zealand). If you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements please contact us.”

        Rather strange when I’m presuming they are coming from New Zealand!! Hence my need for the contact details. I’ll see what that brings about.

      • Gosh! What a funny thing to put on a website! And then to leave no contact details…!? Deary me.

      • All is now good. I contacted them using the address you gave and all has now been sorted. A bear is now on its way to my house to get ready for a little girl for Christmas! Thank you for your help. 🙂

      • Glad I was able to help!

  3. Thank you so much for that, I have just ordered the teddy. Now, as well as having been in the Antarctic, he can come all the way to America too! Every littlie needs a teddy, this one will be perfect for my wee granddaughter. I’m happy to help my oh-so-far away homeland when I can. Love your site, your knits and all the updates.