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KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie, Week 8


It has been a very hot and sunny week this week.  I am very sad that I cannot wear my glorious new FO,  the Shepherd Hoodie.


It is now blocked and dry, and I am incredibly happy with how it looks and fits… I want it to be winter again NOW!!!!! But it’s going to be at least three to four months before it is cool enough again for me to wear it.  Sigh.  Very jealous of all you people in the Northern hemisphere who can snuggle into your freshly knitted coats right away!

DSC09935 (800x600)The top button is very cute.  I’m glad I went ahead and bought it.

I’d love to show you the finished pictures of the hoodie in its entirety, by Sally isn’t done yet.  She’s had a tough week and it has been hard to get to the knitting (in contrast to my general lack of work availability).  There should be a nice collage of both her and my pics to see by the middle of this week and in time for the end of Wovember.


In terms of finishing off, I don’t think I have anything more to tell you about modifications or tips than I have already mentioned except that the hood was especially tiresome to knit.  I had a hard time keeping awake whilst knitting it! Seed stitch is not the fastest stitch in the world, but it looks amazing now it’s done, and it was really, really, worth it!

The blocking has definitely ‘finished’ the look, but you’ll have to wait for a few days to see what I mean.  🙂

In the meantime, pop over to Sally’s blog, to enter an amazing giveaway she’s running – two copies of Kate Davies’ book “Colours of Shetland”!

Stay tuned for modelled pictures!


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6 thoughts on “KAL Diary: The Shepherd Hoodie, Week 8

  1. It looks wonderful. I like how you put that special button on.

  2. It is sumptuous but it is far too hot to wear it at the moment. Unbelievable weather really. I’m with you on seed stitch hoods….tedious and they chew up the yarn. I look forward to see the finished articles….impressive work:-)

  3. What a beautiful knit! I am glad you got the button as well, it is perfect.

  4. you may have a chance to wear it this week – rain is forecast for days and days!

    • Well, it’s a good thing to have the rain. We need it. Maybe it will get cold enough to wear – who knows! I’ve just gone and put away all the winter things… usually a good trick to get the weather to turn! ;D

  5. I always seem to finish more projects when the weather’s warm too. The waiting kills me!