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There is quite a lot of swatching and frogging happening behind the scenes at the moment. The word Patience has acquired a definite edge.

A design I’m working on is in its third incarnation…. love, love, love the yarn.  Love what I’m trying to attempt too… as long as I can work out the bugs!


Some yarn that I desperately want to knit is in its third potential pattern swatch… I think I have finally found the one.


And a pattern I have just spied is begging to be knit…

Swatch 2

As long as I can get the chosen yarn to knit at the right gauge…

A new yarn is coming on to the market, and I was very lucky to be sent a sample for feedback (shhhh….!)  Doesn’t it look super though!?


If it all works out, there will be some very pretty stuff to show you soon.



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9 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. wow, a very nice lace pattern! are you making it with or without the hood?
    I see all yummy yarn there… I’m sure you come up with some fab design & FOs in the end 🙂
    Patience is the mantra

    • That is the question I am pondering at the moment actually. I like the look of hoods, but sometimes their weight really annoys me. And it’s meant to be a summer garment. So… I may just go without. We shall see!

  2. You have some extremely lovely yarns here. New Zealand rocks when it comes to yarn. The intended projects look wonderful.

  3. Ooooh – lovely projects done with lovely yarns! There is no better thing!!

  4. I could just bury my face in that stuff – it’s a sure way to find out whether a yarns going to be itchy!

  5. Those swatches look really promisiing ! So my guess would be that the ‘maybe’ will become ‘definitely’.. 😉

  6. “The word Patience has acquired a definite edge.”

    I know exactly what you’re talking about, and this is the best description for it I’ve come across! Hope it smooths out soon!

  7. That lace pattern is a perfect match for the grey. It’s funny to think that earlier this year you didn’t like lace, and now you are knitting it perfectly.