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It’s amazing what happens when one is released from the daily grind of life.  Suddenly, I have so much energy, and ability to concentrate!  I feel so fresh!

Over Christmas, I finished these socks…


And started on another pair…

More socks

These are lovely, and the perfect Christmas knit.  The yarn is from Vintage Purls in a one-off colourway called “richly deserved”.  And because I was feeling festive, and in need of something festive-coloured, these socks have almost knitted themselves!

That’s about the most knitting I’ve been able to accomplish in a short period of time for a long while!

Despite the need to knit myself a summer cardigan, I cannot seem to keep away from the lace…

This is a lace weight version of the Ulva Lactuca shawl.  It incorporates the more gentle increases that I included in the pattern, but which are not shown in my original sample.

Ulva Lactuca in kiwi

It’s in Zealana Kiwi lace weight, in the Winter Green colour.  I think if I only had to knit with one yarn for the rest of my life, it would be Zealana Kiwi.  It is so amazingly versatile.  It’s warm, but not too warm.  It has that great cotton quality where things age very gracefully, yet the wool in it ensures that it keeps its shape.  And the lovely softness of possum gives it a feeling of luxury and lightness despite the fact that the possum fibres have been so well incorporated into the yarn that you cannot see them!  It doesn’t pill, or stretch, or look tatty after extended wear.  A garment knitted in Kiwi will last a lifetime, and still look amazing.  It’s such a good yarn.  When knitting time is short, one should only knit with yarn that is worth it!

As an alternative knit to the Ulva Lactuca, I am also still working on my Bo cowl.  It’s halfway done, which means I will be able to show it to you properly soon!

Bo in Mohair/merino

I do love the colours in this Forest colourway in Anna Gratton’s merino/mohair.

Ah… it’s so wonderful to be able to get excited about knitting again!

Hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas break.  The weather has been rather awful for many – as a ‘silver lining’, I hope it translated into lots of knitting time for you!


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10 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. I love the socks . I would like to have a go at knitting some socks , but a friend told me that they take forever to complete and that they can be tricky ! They look so comfy ! Will have to give it a go !

    • They are really not hard at all nor do basic ones take much time. If you are comfortable knitting in the round you’ll be totally fine. I highly recommend the book Knitting Rules by stephanie pearl-mcphee to get you started. Plus it’s a hilarious read.

  2. I am knitting a cardi with Anna Gratton’s 4ply Merino Mohair….it is so beautiful….

  3. I love how you support local yarn. We don’t have enough of that here. Great socks.

  4. Amazing and beautiful knits. I planned on knitting Ulva in laceweight! Can’t wait to start.

  5. You have so many fun projects on the needles! I feel the need to cast on some more. If only I didn’t have some knitting deadlines to meet.

  6. I’ve had train trips that are perfect for knitting so have managed a few centimetres on a “snowflake” jersey. Love your festive knitting.