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The trouble with handknit socks


I have been visiting family this week, and it has been lovely to see everyone.  It has been quite some time since I saw them all properly.

While I was there, I gave one of my sisters a pair of handknit socks.  She opened the package and said “The trouble with handknit socks,” (as I began to worry) “is that there is never enough of them.  You wash them, and then you have to wait for them to dry before you can wear them again!”  Ah!  That was a relief to know.  I was worried she wasn’t going to like her present!  A happy grin spread across my face.

“Well, there are plenty more where those came from, now that I know you like them!” came my happy response.

Then her husband came home and noticed the socks.  “Nice socks!” he commented.  I got the feeling he might have liked a pair too, maybe?

Then my mother popped in to visit, and eyed my sister’s socks enviously.  “You could knit some socks for me if you like…” she ventured.  “Of course I’ll knit you a pair!” came the obvious reply.

I gave her the finished sock of a pair that I am currently knitting to try on, so that I could figure out what size to knit her.  I hadn’t been sure she wanted socks before now, as she doesn’t usually wear shoes that need socks, so it was good of her to request them.

She put the sock on and wriggled her toes happily.  “I don’t know what it is about these socks, but they feel so much nicer and are much more comfortable than commercially made ones!”  (Happy glow emanates from knitter).

I am not sure that I have ever heard this much enthusiasm for an item of knitting clothing from my family!  They are always very appreciative of what I give them, but I don’t think I’ve ever registered as much excitement about the prospect of something knitted for them as socks generate.

And that, my friends, is the trouble with handknit socks.  They are so delightfully comfortable and so wonderfully warm that everyone in the family wants a pair (or should I say, as many pairs as I can possibly send their way).

At least I will never have a shortage of candidates to knit socks for!

I wonder if I can crank out two pairs a month!?

Socks in progress


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34 thoughts on “The trouble with handknit socks

  1. That’s a happy glow of a blog post too! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. It’s so nice that your family appreciates your knitting! Mine are not quite so appreciative, and my brother in particular always makes sure to let me know every birthday and Christmas that he doesn’t want anything knitted. Or sewn. Or baked, or in fact made by me at all. It’s a bit of a family joke at this stage and, fortunately, I find it amusing! 🙂

    • Family can be so funny like that. Maybe your brother needs to see how comfy hand knit socks are. I finally converted my son to hand knit socks recently by knitting him a very cosy pair in possum yarn. He wore them so much I need to knit a new pair for this winter!

  3. I’m hoping that my husband will enjoy a pair of hand knitted socks one day but he is size 13 so it’s going to take me sometime . I’m ordering my needles for sock making , what do you prefer knitting them on circulars or dpns ? I’m going to order them both x

  4. Socks are such a good item to knit. Small enough to take anywhere, and great for trying out new patterns. I like the colours in your photo, what yarn are you using? Also, are they KnitPro DPN’s? My personal favourite.

  5. Nice story! I think the tide is turning on desirability of our knitting. My previously resistant family members are now requesting hip items. Don’t we love it.
    Love the pic too, socks at the beach, perfect colours.

  6. I love your words on socks. I have been wondering why everything on my needles is small….like socks and leftover sock yarn made into mini toys but really your words sum it up. Knitting socks is so gradifying and it makes me so happy to pull a new pair on my feet that I just can’t be bothered to knit the cardigan I need.

  7. So sweet! Isn’t it funny how we never know which knits will get our family excited?

  8. I love this post, having had similar experiences with family. It had me laughing out loud

  9. I think everyone should have pair real socks(hand knitted). I find it hard to wear anything else in winter. Admiring your determination to keep up with sock knitting all year. Well done

  10. I think that surely socks must be the most gift-friendly thing anyone could knit.

  11. My Mum had previously told me that she didn’t care for hand knit socks because they were “too scratchy”. One day she agreed to model some socks for me and said, “I didn’t know hand knit socks could be like this.” I think she assumed that the socks would be like the scratchy acrylic sweaters of her childhood. Not so!

    I only wish I could knit socks fast. I love wearing all of mine. And I think that sock you have in the picture above looks delightful already! Is it going to be one for you or one to be given away?

  12. It sounds as though your family are truly knitworthy. Enjoy.

  13. Aw, I’m a bit jealous you have such a knitworthy family! How sweet!

  14. Lovely post!…I couldn’t agree more…..I don’t know what makes them so addictive….but once I started I couldn’t stop….my husband borrowed mine one day when he was going skating with our grandchildren….and now he is addicted to wearing them too!…Thanks for the delightful post!

  15. They are very lovely socks 🙂

    I had always struggled to understand why anyone knitted socks – you can buy 5 for £1 right? But then I decided to knit a pair myself (I always like to be proved right or wrong…) and really enjoyed the process, and then when I put them on it “clicked”. Now my feet are sad in normal socks!

  16. Fantastic! I’m happy for you.

  17. Two pairs a month is a good goal, but it is hard for me to deliver on that in reality. I end up averaging about a pair a month. Good luck!