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Smaug and the chevron poncho


I suddenly realised this weekend that we’d past the middle of January, and my Smaug socks were languishing on the WIP pile and only a quarter done!

Some concentrated knitting time later… nearly there!

Smaug socks

After I finished the first sock yesterday, I tried it on, and I have to say I am extremely excited about finishing them!  They are very, very cool socks!

I don’t know what it is about this project.  I think it’s a combination of shiny tip needles and the colour red, but I cannot spend too long knitting them without my eyes going funny. To break things up, I’m also alternately knitting this:

Chevron poncho

It’s the Amalfi Poncho, an unashamed nod to my ’70s childhood. Covered in cat hair already, as one small animal insists on sitting on my lap when I’m knitting.  I’m knitting the large size as I want it to cover me properly.  The yarn is Corriedale from The Wool Company, and it’s in a colourway called Autumn.  I got this colour a while ago and it doesn’t appear to currently be in stock.  I suspect any of the multi-dyes will come out similarly sequenced though.

I am doing it all in one variegated colour, as opposed to alternately striping it with another colour.  I’m looking forward to snuggling under this come winter.

More sock pattern drooling on Ravelry has been happening at this end… there are so many pretty sock patterns out there, it’s hard to know which one to knit next!!  I also discovered an extremely cool feature of the Ravelry queue system, which I thought I’d share with you.  Many of you will probably already know this… but here goes.

If you tag your queued pattern (eg “socks”), and then create a new set in your queue (click “organise” to do this – I’ve called my new set “socks”), then type in the tab that you’d like to appear in that set, all the queued patterns that you have tagged with the specified tag (eg. “socks”) will magically appear there!  (I have always wondered what the purpose of a tag was…)  Ravelry does have a Wiki topic on this feature here, which I have of course, never read… but looking at it now I see it explains it all nicely.  Have a look at the link in case you’re not sure what I’m going on about.

As a result of my latest discovery, I now have a yummy “sock” set in my Ravelry queue that allows me to keep tabs on all the socks I would like to knit, and I don’t have to scroll through my entire queue to find a pattern I want to select!  Hoorah!

This is a most useful concept which I might have to start applying to my projects as well…

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


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18 thoughts on “Smaug and the chevron poncho

  1. The socks look awesome, really fancy. I can see why you go cross eyed sometimes. The shawl looks great so far. It’s like Missoni art.

  2. I probably told you before but the color of those socks is wonderful!
    And the Ravelry tags, that’s really great. I use them on everything I do on Ravelry, also on my projects. For example I always add a year tag, because I’ll probably be on Ravelry for years and years and so fifteen years from here I’ll be able to see what I made in 2013.
    Thank you for sharing, it also took me a while before I discovered that.

    • Now I’ve reached a certain number of projects I think I’ll have to do the same. Those tag sets really do make it so much easier to find things!

  3. Nice projects and you’ll save yourself some time with finishing your poncho – all those ends you’d have had if you hadn’t gone with a variegated colour!

  4. Love your socks what a wonderful colour and pattern. Red – did you have this problem when you knitted your wonderful Jacket?? If not maybe it is the shiny points not the wool colour. The poncho looks as if it will be such a cosy addition for winter for you. Often no “proper” sleeves suits perfectly. I love shawls, one I was gifted and I’ve had and used for 30 years and it is also in a Chevron pattern.

    • You are quite right, I didn’t have any issues with my red jacket. Knitting some more on it last night, I realise it was the light shining off the shiny tips of the needles that was the problem.

  5. Love the detail on those socks. And the colour.

  6. I agree the socks are too fantastic not to finish. Also, loving the poncho!

    • Absolutely. I was organising my sock drawer yesterday and realised I need more patterned socks to break up the monotony of the plain vanilla ones!

  7. That red is very striking!

  8. You can organize your Ravelry queue!? That’s amazing! I knew you could organize projects, but I didn’t know about the queue. So exciting!

    Also, your Smaug socks are looking gorgeous! Between you and Audry, I may have to knit a pair myself…

  9. I didn’t realize you could make queue sets (I knew you could do it with projects) but I search my queue by tag all the time, it’s super handy!