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Third time lucky


Smaug the dragon was wonderful inspiration for Claire Ellen’s design.  She did a great job emulating a dragon’s scales and tail.

Smaug socksI happily bound these off this morning.

SmaugAnd was very happily admiring them, when I noticed…

An oopsAaarrgh!!!  Nooooo!!!!  What is this!?  Can you see the left foot toe is not quite right?

I looked at it for a few minutes and considered letting it go… but they are such pretty socks that I knew this kind of error would stare me in the face and bug me for the rest of the life of these socks.  Sigh. Nothing to do but take them back down and start again at the toe…

Several hours, much swearing and a couple more rip-backs later…


Haaa…. yes, much better.

The socks are by no means perfect, and if you want to see some really stunning examples, you must go see Audry’s socks and others on the pattern page.

However, I am happy with them now, and most pleased with my pretty Smaugs!  Sorry about the quality of the pics though.  The lighting today is crap for taking photos, especially of this red.

Finished socksI made a minor modification to the pattern for the foot.  You’ve probably noticed that the scale pattern is a bit different.  I thought I’d be a smarty pants and mimic the different sized scales that reptiles have, plus I wanted to make the gauge a tiny bit smaller so that the tail stretched right to the end of the toes.

I’m not sure that was the best idea, but never mind, I can live with it.

As I was taking this picture, we had another big quake.  6.2 on the Richter scale!!! You can imagine I got lickety split under the door frame!  Hopefully there won’t be any more… Reminded me of Smaug shaking the mountain when he awoke! 😀

Yarn:  Hand Maiden Casbah Sock

Needles:  2.25mm (mostly.  except for a tiny bit on the heel when my tension went weird)

Pattern:  Smaug, by Claire Ellen.


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20 thoughts on “Third time lucky

  1. Ye gadz – you’re fast! Those gorgeous socks were whipped up licketty split and there is still ten days or so till the end of the month!! I’ve finished one and started the second….best I get moving!!

  2. Great socks. They have a medieval air about them, like valiant armor for a dragon rider.

  3. WOW!! Love your socks! Did you make these toe-up or top down? Always looking for great toe-up patterns.

  4. The socks are amazing, you are amazing and I love the color of the delightful yarn and the fabulous texture and pattern! What I can’t believe is that you frogged and now are wearing the redone socks! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are a master knitter and I would love to see a video of you knitting : )
    Have a SAFE and lovely week, xoRobin

    • Aw, thanks Robin. I only frogged down a couple of inches to the beginning of the toe. I had to tell myself it was just a little bit, and would quickly knit up again! I don’t think my knitting is that fast. I just had lots of time on my hands yesterday and indulged myself in doing nothing but knitting!

  5. I know several people have made these socks….yours look great…and yeah not sure i could live with the mistake either….I have some socks waiting to be fixed….

    • Thank you! I knew I had to fix them right away. If not, it would be easy for them to slide under the WIP pile too… so many other pretty distractions waiting for us knitters!

  6. Lovely ! Wish I could knit socks like that !

  7. Your socks are fantastic. I can understand you fixing the wee mistake but I’m not sure we’d even have noticed it if you hadn’t pointed it out! Hope there are no more aftershocks.

    • Thank you. 🙂 I can generally live with small errors, but once I noticed this one, there was no way I could live with it – it was in too obvious a place! They are predicting a couple of big aftershocks. Not looking forward to that.

  8. The socks are stunning and I love the way they have their own name. . .very suited too. I hadn’t noticed the error at the toe until you pointed it out and then I agreed with you that you would have kept noticing it each time your wore them. Glad you got them sorted.
    Hope you have no more aftershocks.

  9. So worth all the rip backs! Your socks look stunning!

  10. pretty and amazing socks. I don’t know if I’d have had the patience to reknit a whole sock though! As for the earthquake somehow I didn’t even feel it. I was on the road and at the beach and knew nothing until I heard the news on the radio!

  11. Indeed you are a master knitter. Lovely red socks.

  12. Obviously your socks have awoken Smaug. I’m sure he would envy them.