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The Oden socks are done.  They were very satisfying to knit, and I am very pleased with how they’ve turned out.

Oden socks

I find patterned socks go quite quickly, because I want to keep seeing the repeats forming.  In fact, it was very hard to put these down, and I was a bit sad when they were finished because I missed knitting them.  I might have to knit another pair!!

Oden socks againWith the cable only on the front, and double ribbing for the rest of the sock, they were very quick to knit.  I especially liked the double rib slip stitch heel.  I haven’t done this style of heel before, and I enjoyed the look of it.

The yarn, Cromwell, by Verandah Yarns, is a supertwist 100% merino sock yarn, spun in New Zealand.  It met my expectations for this pattern perfectly!

The young boy says the Oden socks look like a Celtic wood carving.  I think he is quite right!


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19 thoughts on “Oden

  1. Yes!!! Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait until I can knit well enough to do a masterpiece like yours…I hope!!! I’m almost finished with my very first ever socks. So excited!!!

  2. Question: I know nothing about sock knitting but I did notice that you used 100% wool? Isn’t it dangerous to do that because of the 100% wool wearing a hole faster than yarn containing some nylon?

    • One day I must write a post about socks and yarn. 🙂 It is a matter of taste. I have socks that are 100% wool (the yarn, by the way, is supertwisted so that it is extra strong and made suitable for socks) and some that have nylon/wool. They last about the same in my opinion. I find that the ones that are 100% wool are much more comfortable though, and have more ‘deodorising’ properties, if you know what I mean… 😉

  3. They are lovely socks; just need to get a few off the needles here before I can start them myself

  4. Gorgeous socks!

  5. They are lovely ! I have just finished my first sock now onto my second. I have the hang of the dpns now but found as I got better at using them my tension tightened up . I have also just brought a sock circular from hiyahiya that is 9 inches and I’m going to knit the second sock with this and compare . I’m really enjoying your posts about socks. I’m intending to stock up on some of the yarns you have mentioned when I return home. X

  6. Very nice…they just look so comfy and warm…..

  7. This looks fantastic!

  8. These are fabulous! I’ve never tried a double rib slip stitch heel, but now I’m intrigued…

  9. I didn’t even know a double slip stitch heel existed. I must go look into it now!

  10. Very classy socks. That colour is great, super dye-ing job.

  11. They look great 🙂 I’ve just purchased some yarn for my first ever pair of socks and I’m wracked by indecision! I have no idea where to start, pattern-wise. You make it look so easy.

    • I recommend you start with a plain vanilla for your first pair. I found just concentrating on tension (different for socks as for garments), learning how to turn the heel and shape the toe were enough to keep my head from spinning without worrying about the patterning on the sock as well.

      Ah, and the choices are so many in terms of pattern, as you already know. In the end, I just queued a heap of patterns I love, and then randomly picked!

      Happy first sock knitting!

  12. I LOVE this sock pattern, it is gorgeous! I have already purchased the pattern & the beautiful yarn as well. I had to get yarn, it looks lovely and it is called Cromwell ~ my avatar is a photo of my sweet, fluffy kitty named Cromwell. He passed away not too long ago – I will knit these socks in his memory. I know they are going to be beautiful!

  13. I love that pair of socks.
    Also , I am all new to this Knitting band…So my very first project is knitting a scarf 🙂

    • Welcome to the land of Knitting! I hope you will find it as rewarding, relaxing, joyful, fulfilling and inspiring as many of us do! A scarf is an excellent first project.