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When I read of others knitting Valentine socks for February, I was at first enthusiastic to do the same, and then embarrassed for myself.  I mean, I do not have a Valentine, why would I knit Valentine socks for a day that has no meaning for me?

Then I got to thinking about the wider context in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated these days (encompassing all love, not just the traditional romantic love) and I decided to knit some pretty Valentine socks for my daughter.

Elementary Watson socks

The love heart thing was a bit mushy, so instead of knitting hearts, I picked up the colours of Valentine in this gorgeous 100% merino sock yarn from Knitsch in “The 9th Rose”.

The pattern is Elementary Watson, inspired by the cabled pullover that Dr. John Watson wears in the BBC’s Sherlock (2010).  Only, I knitted mine cuff down, because I had to make a few mods to fit my daughter’s feet, and it was easier for me to go cuff-down to do so, it being my favoured method of knitting socks.  You’ll also notice I changed the heel…  You can see my mods here if you’re interested.

My daughter is a huge Sherlock fan, so I thought that this pattern would make a suitable expression of a mother’s love for her daughter.

Elementary socks again

I had to knit them in January so that I could post them in time for her to get the package by Valentine’s Day.  Now that she has safely received them (and loves them, phew!), I can show you!Elementary Watson Socks

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I thought I’d finish this post by sharing a Pinterest ‘love’ with you today:  SweetP Designs.  Gabriella has done a good job of bringing together a lot of New Zealand yarns, designers, stores, and so much more.  If you’re interested in the New Zealand knitting scene, she’s a good one to follow.

And finally, if you want to get some of The 9th Rose for yourself, it is a current colourway at Knitsch.  Tash told me she just doesn’t have it on the website because it’s such a fiendishly difficult colour to photograph (she is right there – it must have taken me 100 tries to get these colour-accurate pics).


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9 thoughts on “Valentine

  1. These are totally gorgeous. Share da lurve as they say.
    thanks for the link to Gabriella’s page.

  2. Every year, Scooter is my Valentine. And this year I was selfish. I’ve been working on a pair of socks for myself.

    Those socks are quite lovely. Any daughter would be lucky to have you as a Mum.

  3. What a sweet gift for your daughter. Every day should be a love day. Valentine’s Day is so commercialized and overrated.

  4. I spent a lot of Valentine’s days single pre-The Husband, so I embrace the holiday as a day to celebrate friendships and do a little something for The Husband, but I prefer not to really celebrate it as a lovers day. Exclusive holidays are dumb. I really prefer St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone can be Irish for a day. (and I did not knit my Valentine’s Day socks in January, so I didn’t finish them.) GOOD FOR YOU for finishing them and getting them in the mail! They’re very pretty!

  5. Gorgeous! That colour is amazing, and suits the pattern perfectly.

  6. These look so scrummy – Knitsch yarn is another I am dying to try!
    I totally forgot valentines day this year – it was lost in the craziness of moving house …

  7. Thanks for the love! I hope you had a nice day. Socks are gorgeous!!