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A visit to Wellington’s newest yarn store


This morning we had to go into the CBD to run a few errands.  While we were there, I took the opportunity to visit Holland Road Yarn Company’s new store!

The really exciting thing about this new store is that it is right in the heart of Wellington city!  It is on the upper level of the Grand Arcade on Willis St, in the middle of the retail district.  I have been meaning to get to it ever since it opened in January, but as I do not work in the city centre, it’s hard to get to except on weekends.  It’s the best thing for those who work in the city, or for visitors to Wellington though!

I would suspect that most keen knitters who are already customers of Holland Road Yarn Company would know this, but in case you are visiting Wellington and looking for delicious knitting yarn, or haven’t been into the shop for a while, here’s a little look at what’s on offer in the nice new space on Willis St.  Photos courtesy of the eldest boy who was glad to occupy himself with the camera while I browsed and chatted with the nice assistant:


Knitsch Yarns


Stansborough, Ashford, and international yarns Malabrigo, Cascade, Spud & Chloe and more…


Zealana yarns

Zealana Kiwi and Naturally Waikiwi and 4 ply

Zealana Kiwi and Naturally Waikiwi and 4 ply

this one was viewed with a lot of excitement, and I think I may have to pay a return visit…


Zealana Air, hand-dyed by Koigu

The 50g skeins are the same price as that of two 25g balls, but they have been hand-dyed by Koigu in some very tempting colourways as you can see!!  I was especially excited to see these, as this particular iteration of Air was initially only available in the US from the YarnSisters, the US distributor for Zealana.  I was sadly thinking I would miss out on all the fun.  Happy days!

As with the Petone store, the Willis St store also has an enormous, comfy sofa in which you can sit and knit, and I believe that knit nights are also held there.  More information about these can be found on Holland Road Yarn Company’s website.

Being able to open a second yarn store is a massive accomplishment in today’s world of online shopping and limited budgets.  Tash Barneveld has got the mix of online and physical presence, the selection of good quality New Zealand and overseas yarns and a lovely space in which to mingle in perfect balance. Wellington’s knitters (and crocheters!) are so very thankful to this talented young woman!

Did I manage to get out of there wallet unscathed? Silly question, huh!?  ;-D

Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn

Knitsch in West Janney and Summer Crush

I’m particularly besotted with Summer Crush because it reminds me of this…

Summer rose at the Wellington Botanical gardens

In fact, I think it’s a fairly perfect replica of this gorgeous shade of rose, which I’ve been looking for in a yarn for a wee while.  How could I not partake!?? 🙂

Knitsch in Summer Crush


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13 thoughts on “A visit to Wellington’s newest yarn store

  1. Love love love summer crush-what a beautiful mix of colour 🙂

  2. It really is. It was hard to capture on camera, but the mix of pink and very pale yellow in varying shades of intensity makes it a masterpiece in hand-dyeing in my opinion!

  3. What a wonderful LYS. Their yarn is beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous…love the way you get your colors from nature like that!

  5. Ohhhh, sigh…….yearn. As you say no mean feat to survive in our current economic climate and with the internet so dominant.

  6. OMG! First of all the rose coloured yarns are swoon-worthy. Gorgeous. And thanks for showing us the inside of the shop, I am so pleased it is going well. Great to have a yarn store like that in Wellington, though dangerous……By total coincidence I had just been to their online shop and have ordered some of that koigu-dyed air (I can even see it in your photo, the gold/autumnal looking colour way). It’s being posted to my sis-in-law ready to pop in her suitcase. Excited.

  7. I bet you will love it. It looks absolutely amazing in real life too.

  8. My gosh. That’s basically yarn heaven, there! I often browse around the HYC website drooling over the yarn but I’m yet to buy anything. Maybe next time I’m looking for some yarn for a grown up project 😉

  9. Every yarn store needs a big comfy couch. Something comfortable to sit in but easy to take apart in search of lost needles and notions.

  10. I thought that she had just moved to a new location when you said, “new store.” But to open a second store. That is huge! Congrats to Tash. And I know where I’ll be going the next time I’m in town.

  11. Wonderful.. ! Wish it was right next door.. 😉

  12. I need some of that Summer Crush! It reminds me of 18thC paintings. So pretty.

    • Isn’t the colour gorgeous! The problem with Tash’s yarns is that they are so pretty you don’t want to knit them! I have a hoard of her pretty colours and it’s very difficult to bring myself to use them – when I do, I have to rush out and buy a replacement as soon as possible! ;p