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Jan + Feb = 8?


My Ravelry projects list tells me I have just completed my eighth pair of socks for 2014.

Cadence socks

These are the very, very pretty Cadence socks, by Verybusymonkey.  Such a lovely pattern to knit, I didn’t change a thing about them!  Yarn is the luscious Sokkusu O in Jam Sessions.

Why, I ask myself, have I knitted half my personal goal of one year’s worth of socks in just over two months, and not much else?  It has become a bit of a compulsion.  (You may remember I said I’d knit 12 pairs of patterned socks and four pairs of plain in 2014…)

The obsession with socks does not seem to be paling.  I’m in the middle of the most gorgeous socks I’ve ever seen at the moment.

Rumpelstiltskin socks

These are Rumpelstiltkin, also by Verybusymonkey, who along with Cookie A, might just be one of my favourite sock designers of all time!  They don’t look like much at the moment, but I have high hopes.

I spied this pattern a while ago, but have been trying to find the right yarn for it.  I think the thing that makes this sock pattern extra appealing is the quality of the yarn that the socks were knit in.  I wanted to replicate that look.  The specified yarn is a merino/silk blend (now discontinued).  I thought it was an unusual blend for a sock yarn, and probably the original intention for this yarn was not for socks.  However, it makes a stunning sock!  Especially in this pattern.  It’s a bit like silk lingerie – so very pretty, and sooo special, but not exactly practical.  Never mind, I thought, who says all socks must be work horses!?

But now, where to find yarn like this?  After much trawling on websites and considerings, I found that Sally of Verandah Yarns had just the yarn I was looking for!!  It’s Mersilk Sock, and I was lucky enough, when I contacted her, to find that she had a colour in her seconds bin of the shade type I was after.  Thank you Sally!!!

I am very, very happy with how it’s turning out!

The other sock I am knitting is one of the current Hiya Hiya Free & Funny KAL sock patterns for March/April.  If you are a keen sock knitter, and don’t know about this forum on Ravelry yet, check it out!  There are currently two patterns being knit – I’ve chosen to go with the Peach Leaves Lace Socks.  They’re rather cute.

Peach Leaves Lace Sock

I am using Knitsch for this project – in Gwyneth, because it is the exact colour of peach blossom.  (Summer Crush would have been perfect in this sock too, but I just can’t bring myself to use it just yet…)  My stash is getting quite a toss as I search for the perfect yarns for my sock projects!  It’s really quite fun!

One other sock is lurking on the needles – it’s a ‘waiting’ sock (for when I’m hanging around out and about).  I shan’t jinx them by showing them here.  They may just end up as a gift…assuming nothing goes wrong with them!

None of this of course answers the question – what drives me to knit socks to the exclusion of all else?  The first storm of the season rudely blasted summer out of existence this week (at least in this part of New Zealand). While I am cuddled up in happy knits, one young boy could do with a sweater for one thing!  There are definitely other projects I could be knitting!

The conclusion I have reached is that socks are giving me the ‘quick satisfaction’ I need right now.  They’re pretty, satisfying to knit, and most importantly, finish fast.  While I want to knit garments (there is a lot of looking at patterns for a sweater and cardigan project especially), the need to see quick results appears to be high on my agenda.  I think it reflects my aims for this year – to get results, and achieve the goals I’ve been driving towards for a while.  It’s the only explanation I can think of!


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21 thoughts on “Jan + Feb = 8?

  1. 8 socks! Those needles are on fire. Your knitting always looks superb. Interested to see your needles in the photos too… you usually use DPNs? (I like DPNs).

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Socks are definately satisfying. I only wish I had more time to knit them . I really like the intricate cable work on the patterns you pick !!

    • I’m so glad you are enjoying knitting socks! The Cadence socks are neat because they look like cables but aren’t. It’s all lace technique. It was a really interesting knit!

  4. 8 pairs of socks?! Wow, I wish I had knit 8 pairs of socks by now. I’m currently working on the second sock for two different pairs of socks…. and it is taking so long! I’m closing in on the toe for both of them, so hopefully I’ll have at least 2 pairs of socks to speak of this year.

    I just love seeing all those patterns you are working on. Quite inspirational!

    • You’ve had other important design work to attend to, so it’s not like you haven’t been knitting! Your shawl and cowl design are beautiful.

  5. Your socks are beautiful. And eight pairs already?! Wow. There must be steam coming off your needles, you’re so fast. Looking forward to seeing the next few pairs.

  6. That is a great accomplishment, eight pairs of socks.

  7. That is a very impressive amount of socks! Your cadence socks are lovely – I’m of to check out the designer!

  8. I am super impressed with your sock knitting! Holy smokes. I’ll be lucky if I finish 8 pairs THIS YEAR. Nice job! 🙂 And I like verybusymonkey’s patterns, too.

  9. I’m a bit sock obsessed right now, too, but nothing as gorgeous and impressive as your new socks. I’ve been very comforted by my vanilla sock knitting but you’ve just inspired me to kick it up a notch … or two … or three ….! Happy weekend, dear friend.

  10. Wow!!! Gorgeous! I’m on my 3rd pair for this year…and loving it. Gotta’ try one of these patterns next time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. What an amazing output! So nice to knit socks in a NZ summer – fine yarns and not too weighty. I’m inspired to get into the lovely sockwool I have waiting while the days are still long and warm

  12. You are on fire!

    I was curious about my productivity and went and counted. I have also finished 8 projects this year, but not many socks. It’s weird, actually, since I usually think of myself as a sock knitter, but they’re just not flying off my needles they way they usually do. It’s especially odd since I think about knitting socks all the time. Hmm.

    Maybe as it warms up my attention will shift… In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy the parade of finished pairs piling up over here 🙂

    • you’ve had a productive start to the year! Your sock projects are all beautiful though. Looking forward to seeing the others you knit this year!

  13. I so wish I had the patience to knit socks. All the socks I’ve seen on your blog look so lovely, and socks are so practical too.

  14. I firmly believe that when the time is right for someone to do something, it happens. I resisted knitting socks for so long… and then I only knitted plain vanilla socks, and now, I can’t stop knitting patterned socks! Perhaps when the time is right, you’ll enjoy knitting them too. 🙂

  15. That is a lot of [beautiful] socks to be completed in such a short amount of time!