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They’re really quite cute


I had a rather boring post drafted today about how I’ve done it again and knitted three socks and not one pair… but then I decided it would be far more interesting to share these New Zealand insect cuties with you today.

I know that not everyone will see the beauty of these insects, but I think they are really quite awesome.

This nursery web spider nest has been built over a number of flower heads.  It’s so delicate, and so beautiful, this translucent silken cocoon.  The spider itself is rather creepy and very large, so I am glad I never saw it!  As long as it stays in the garden, that is fine.

Nursery spider web I was weeding the garden recently, and suddenly spied this mama weta peeking out at me from the patch I was clearing:

female wetaFemale wetas are usually quite docile and slow, and she happily clambered on to a twig I offered her and then climbed to safety so I could continue weeding.  Their bodies are actually very fragile, so I could have easily crushed her without intending to.  Chickens absolutely adore eating them.  This one was a nicely sized specimen.  About 2 inches long.

The cicadas are still singing their deafening songs.  Although not quite so loudly any more.  Much to my relief.  Here’s one of the little singers – it’s the Chorus cicada, one of the 42 species of cicada found in New Zealand, and the largest (and possibly loudest as well!)

Chorus cicadaI spied it as I was coming back from hanging out the washing one morning, and thought it would make a nice photo.  They’re about an inch long, not including the wings.  My son has a great time catching them and looking at them after school, before releasing them to fly away.

Chorus cicada

The older boy spied this beauty on the path today.  I think it’s the Acanthoxyla inermis, the same New Zealand stick insect that has found its way to South-West England, and has the distinction of the being the longest insect to be found in Britain.

Stick insect

This one would be female, judging from its size.  She was about as long as my hand.

Love her little beady eyes!

Buggy eyesAnd finally, a little katydid nymph that I spied in the camellia bushes the other morning. So cute!

Katydid nymphI love being surrounded by the natural world.  It makes me feel grounded, and real. Such beautiful designs in nature, and such variety of colour and shape, way of life and patterns of living.  Looking at these pictures gives me a massive “stress relief” moment.  I thought I’d share them with you, in case you feel the same.

And finally, a picture of one completed sock, just to give you an idea of what I’ve been knitting.  The other is nearly done…

Peach leaf lace socksPeach leaf lace sock by Qianer of Hiya Hiya

Knitted in Knitsch 100% merino sock in Gwyneth

I’ve knitted them a bit small for me.  I’m giving them away.  I have the ‘too many socks’ guilts.

Have a great weekend!


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25 thoughts on “They’re really quite cute

  1. Many thanks for the wonderful insect images! Fascinating creatures 🙂

  2. Great Pics.. even though looking at some of them made me feel a little quueeassy. And beautiful lace sock. Looks too delicate to wear.

  3. Your pictures are great! They really do look cute.
    And I always just love the color of your socks!
    Happy weekend.

  4. As long as they’re outside, I’m cool with bugs. It’s almost like National Geographic in your backyard. The katydid is my favorite as it looks like origami.

  5. Yuck, I hate creepy crawlies. Thankfully there aren’t that many horrible ones where I come from. Love the socks though!

  6. Stunning pics ! I’ve seen some like the katydid nymph around here as well ( that is; it looks the same-ish to my untrained eye.. ), thought they looked like rather funny beetles at first… As a kid I remember sometimes keeping some ( small ) stick insects in jam jars… much to my mums disgust.. Which I can understand now, somehow I consider them to be rather creepy these days..

    Your socks rock ! Wow 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 I think katydids look pretty much the same around the world from what I’ve seen. Stick insects fascinate me, but I do have a sister who is terrified of them. Funny what scares us, isn’t it?

  7. Thank you sharing such beautiful photos. I live I the cities and don’t have an opportunity to see many. I absolutely love Cicadas, their beautiful wings and the sound they make. I live in Minnesota but am originally from Texas. We used to see cicadas all the time…

  8. Your socks are beautiful! We have a lot of the same bug creatures here, and I have to say that I am not fond of them, especially all the noise they make. Now the stick bugs…they are pretty cool.

  9. I would nearly pass out if I met with a Weta, for some reason they horrify me. Love the sound of the cicada’ tho they can be deafening at times. They are noisy around me now as I write this with a very strong blustery hot wind blowing.(Waikato region N.Z.) loving your socks.I enjoy your blog very much. Shirley

    • Hope you survived the winds ok. They have only just reached us this evening, but it has been so hot and humid! I shall be glad when the storm blows over. Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂

  10. That spider web is something else! Glad you didn’t see the weaver.
    The socks are so pretty – so how many pairs does that make this year?

  11. Three socks and no pairs? I think you need to find yourself a one legged uncle.

  12. I’ve not seen such a variety of insects in one yard. That is quite impressive.

    Also, I don’t understand your feelings of guilt over “too many socks”. One cannot have too many socks! Maybe just enough… until you knit the next pair.

    • It’s funny how we don’t see until we look. I think you’d probably find a similar number in your backyard (although you might not want to know about them). 😉

      I suppose I’m feeling guilty that others in the family probably need socks more than I do at the moment.

  13. amazing pictures – of insects no less!

  14. Love the NZ flora and fauna pics. We’ve had warm spring weather, no wind and TERRIBLE pollution levels here (Paris) in the last week. Makes me appreciate even more what’s waiting at home. Love the pink socks, Gwyneth is a perfectly pretty name for that colour.

  15. Eek! I was emotionally scarred by a cicada encounter as a child (though I’m really fine) so it’s hard to appreciate their beauty sometimes but your photos do a great job of capturing them. If you don’t already, I feel like you would love Bugga yarn, with the colorways inspired by and named for different insects.