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You win some and you lose some


The last time I talked about socks, I had started on a pretty leaf lace pattern from Hiya Hiya called Peach Leaf Lace Socks.  The addictive nature of a KAL (where you have to keep knitting so you can get the next clue when you’re done) means I was fairly quick about finishing them.

Only… you know how that niggling, annoying voice of doom that sometimes crops up at the back of your mind?  The one you tell to “Shush!  because it will be all right in the end!?”  That one?

Odd colour dye lotThere were a few choice profanities polluting the airwaves when I realised they were

It’s all my fault.  This yarn has been in my stash for a while, and I got it at a time when I wasn’t that fussed over dye lots.  They are the same colour, but different dye lots.  I knew they were slightly different when I started knitting, but I didn’t realise they would come out THIS different.  Pout.

I figured I’d just knit them anyway, and maybe they wouldn’t be SO bad when I’d finished? Perhaps over time with lots of washings, the colour will even up?  Someone suggested I could overdye them, but I am very fond of the pretty pink, especially the delicate pink one on the left.  Plus I would probably make an awful mess of the dyeing in any event and be left with a horrible colour!

There’s also the matter of a minor error in a repeat on the first sock (this lace took a little bit of ‘getting’) but because I was already stressing about the colour, I figured it wouldn’t matter in the end, and really it doesn’t.  The socks are the same size, despite the extra repeat.  I think you can see that my gauge in both socks is a little different – obviously my getting used to the lace pattern caused my tension to be a bit tighter than I usually am.  

Will I rip it all out?  Absolutely not!  If the colour was the same, I would definitely have considered a reknit of one of the socks, but as it is, it doesn’t matter.  No one is going to see them anyway.  🙂

I kind of feel bad that I didn’t do justice to this lovely pattern, so a re-match has been planned when I’ve got through some of the other patterns I want to knit.  And this time, I’ll use a yarn that comes in a 100g hank so there is no chance of me getting different colours!!

Now I can’t give these away either, and they will have to be mine.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some, and the best way to deal with it is just go with the flow!  After all, I have learned a number of valuable lessons:

  1. If the dye lot is different, DO NOT tempt fate.
  2. If you make a mistake and you know it, do not say “it will be fine”.  Especially if it involves a lace repeat.

After all, we’re only human.  🙂


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23 thoughts on “You win some and you lose some

  1. Under jeans or warm comfy lounge-around pants plus some slippers at home who is going to know?…apart from you! Waste not, want not was my mother’s mantra!

    The next pair can be worn out and about with great pride:-)

    • She was absolutely right.

      • She made a dollar go around more than once as she raised the 5 of us! And unpicked garments to make into something else etc etc.

        Another person once told me that you make a feature of a mistake and that way it looks as if it was meant to be….not sure how that could work with your socks though:-)

  2. They’re very pretty, despite the difference in shade. I’d wear them with pride regardless!

  3. I commiserate. I’m working in garter stitch at the minute. Simple. Simple. Simple. Not. My eye is obviously over programmed toward symmetry. I have unravelled large areas, a number of times, in order to rectify a “baggy loop”.
    The only thing driving me more mental than my over-rigorous eye, is not going back and rectifying something my eye has “spotted”.
    I know there are many unflattering labels for people like me… but hey, the end result is part of the therapeutic process which is knitting.

    • I admire your tenacity. The ever-optimistic me would probably think it would be fine once I had given it a good soak and block. 😀 And then I’d regret it when it didn’t work out…

  4. Oh I have that voice too….but you are right no one is going to see them the way you do and they look very pretty regardless. I’ve got a colour issue going on with my current sock project…..not sure what the solution is going to be yet.

  5. I have recently had the same problem, and going to follow your advise and get only skeins of 100gms….

    • Well, it certainly does make life a lot less uncertain. The Knitsch colours are soooo pretty though, I will continue to get them, but I will be checking dye lots and visually comparing the skeins very carefully from now on!

  6. Am I weird that I actually thought the two colours were intentionally different? (who knew dye lots could be that different though??) I think it looks nice. The colour &pattern are v flowery and though I’m not a gardening expert, i don’t think mother nature matches her dye lots!
    (although i do like them i am horrified how different dye lots can be i must make sure to triple check when I’m buying more yarn. Did you buy them at different time?)

    • As Claudia noted above, and you just said, I think mismatched socks are becoming quite trendy. My son does that intentionally all the time, and he likes it. Sometimes it’s our expectations that prevent us from enjoying the thing that is quite nice really. I expected the socks to match, so reality does not compute in my brain! 😀

  7. Mismatched socks are actually very stylish! I have a pair that I purchased and love them.

  8. While there’s definitely a difference in saturation, these socks look terrific. If it really bothers you, could pink Koolaid darken the left one a bit one?

  9. bring them to Mum’s when you come and see us and we’ll chuck them in a pot of lovely pink and even them out XXX

  10. When you wear them with boots, no one will know. 🙂

  11. Sometimes you end up with mismatching yarn even if it is the same dye lot! I don’t think it is too bad though. A knit sock is a knit sock…. warm and comfy.

  12. I know it is disappointing that your socks don’t match, but I love them. I think it gives them character!

  13. I had a similar problem with some indie dyed yarn – even though they were the same dye lot. So I did pull them back and reknitted using one skien for the sock top and one for the foot. They ended up looking just great – but the difference in the colours were not as great as your pinks.