Coming to Wonders of Wool?

If you are a knitter living in Wellington, you will no doubt already know about the annual Wellington Underground Market‘s Wonders of Wool theme market.  This year, it’s on Saturday, 5 April and also again in August.  Have you marked your diary yet!??

As far as I’m concerned, the April date is the Day of Days in my knitting calendar!  It has also almost become the event that marks the beginning of the “serious knitting season” for Wellington at least, and I’m very much looking forward to popping along!!  I had been feeling a little sad and left out of all the excitement of the two main knitting retreats that happen in New Zealand (Unwind and KAN) in addition to the Creative Fibre events. Due to my personal circumstances it will be a few years before I’ll be able to get to any these events and all the delicious yarn in the attendant markets.

I was curious to know which of my favourite New Zealand indie yarnies would be taking a stall at Wonders of Wool, so to cheer myself up, I dropped some of them a line (and did a bit of online research), and can confirm that it’s going to be a goodie again this year!!  I’m so excited, I can hardly contain myself!

Want the gossip?

Tash Barneveld of Knitsch (Holland Road Yarn Company) will be launching the eagerly anticipated new-season Knitsch colours!!  Be there if you want some as I’m not sure how much will be left for her shops after this market! 😉  She’ll also have Isobar kits from the last yarn club in both the grey gradient and other colourways (in addition to many other yummy things).

Anna Gratton (Little Wool Co.) will be bringing us more of her amazing range of beautiful multi-dyed merino/mohair, boucle, 100% wool yarns, and of course, fibre in her unique colourways and blends, for spinning.  She will also have some of the new season natural yarns from her Corriedale sheep… I’m particularly keen on getting some of that gorgeous 4 ply in silver (picture below from Anna’s Facebook page – the silver is the one in the middle).

Anna Gratton Corriedale wool yarn

Helene of Happy-go-knitty is coming down from Auckland!  She’ll be bringing more of her gorgeous, bright, energetic and happy colours in self-striping and semi-solids… including rainbow self-striping yarn!  There will be a range of yarns available, including her iconic 100% BFL sock yarn, alpaca/merino sock yarn and 8 ply wool.  Maybe also the lace weight silk/merino?

I saw a colourway she was asking opinions for on her Facebook page (pink and grey self-striping) that has “I want” all over it. I’m fairly certain some of it will be there… (I hope!)

At this point, I’m seriously wondering how much cash is going to be left in my bank account at the end of my visit to this particular market!

Mary Furness Weir of Maniototo Wool has informed me she’ll present too!  I’m really looking forward to meeting her!  A big basket of 50g skeins of one-off colours, some random dyed, in addition to the ten regular Maniototo Wool colours will be on offer.  I hope Mary also brings some of that gorgeous soap she makes.  It smells divine, and is so nice to use on woollen garments!

I notice from the Yarnz website that Nanette will be there again too.  She sells a range of hard-to-find imported yarns (Noro, Ella Rae, Kauni, Sugar’n’Cream Cotton and more) and needles (Hiya Hiya, Addi, Clover and others).

The above list was enough to convince me to put this date in my calendar in INK.  There will be other stall holders too, I haven’t been able to get around everyone to be able to give you a comprehensive list.  Anyway, I should like the surprise of seeing who else has decided to come along to tempt us with their creative wondrousness.

Hope you enjoy the market as much as I do!

17 thoughts on “Coming to Wonders of Wool?

  1. Wish I could be there too – your posts on this wonderful event are what have inspired me to create the Autumn Woolfest here in Auckland in May. I know that several traders will be at both, so looking forward to my big spend up then and saving madly for it.

  2. Cool – I bought a brand new storage box for my yarns and couldn’t fit it all in – but still intend to stock up on more yarns that I may never get around to knitting.

    1. Welcome to the world of yarn appreciation! 🙂 I have bought numerous baskets thinking “this will do it” only to find I fill it up as soon as I get home, and I still don’t have space!

  3. Oh yay, this coincides with my Wellington trip! And my partner will be at his cousin’s wedding so I’ll be at a loose end. How convenient. 😉

    I have cardigan plans that require some of Anna Gratton’s 4py, maybe I should warn her to bring plenty…

  4. Thanks for mentioning me in your lovely blogpost! I can confirm that I will bring lots of merino/silk lace weight! And BFL. And rainbow yarn. And…
    See you there. xxx

  5. Thanks for all this information – I will be there! The joys of being a Wellingtonian. I haven’t noticed it advertised anywhere. I must be looking in the wrong places.

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