Just in time

It has taken me two weeks to finish these pretty babies.

Hiya Hiya Arrow Lace SocksIn the land of ferocious knitting, that’s a very long time.  Especially as this is pretty much the only project I’ve worked on since I cast them on.  Work is a full-on at the moment, and is annoyingly eating into my personal and family time.

Close up of socksThe pattern name is rather a mouthful: Hiya Hiya Arrow Lace Socks I (Cuff Down) 72 sts

They part of a KAL that finishes on Monday – so I have completed them just in time!

The yarn is a combination of a gorgeous Happy-go-knitty dye job using a BFL base gifted to me some time ago by my lovely knitting buddy KB.  I shall be happily topping up with more Happy-go-knitty at the Wellington Underground Market Wonders of Wool theme market next Saturday, 5 April!!!

I normally cast on 64 stitches for socks as this number works best for my sizing, so I was slightly worried they’d be a bit big on me.  You can see that the leg is looser than my usual sock fit.  The pattern did say to use 2mm needles, but I find that size painful to knit with – it takes foreeeveerrrr to finish something in that size!  So I used my thinnest yarn, and went to 2.25mm needles, and it has worked out fine.  I would have got a slimmer sock if I had used the thinner needles, but I don’t mind.  I quite like the ruched look of the leg.

I noticed that my arrow shaping started quite late on the foot, and this is because I made the heel quite deep and slightly longer than noted in the pattern. By the time I had reduced the stitches back to the cast-on number to begin the shaping, I was already quite a way down the foot.  I think if I knit this pattern again, I would keep the heel to pattern length, so that I could have the arrow a little further up the foot.  Not that it looks bad now, but I did like the look on some of the other versions of this sock that I have seen where there is more stocking stitch before the toes.  I also made the leg longer than suggested, which I like.

I’ve been eyeing all my sock patterns and knitting books longingly… hopefully I’ll get more knitting time soon!  I miss my family, my life and proper knitting time.

In the meantime, to cheer myself up, I had to indulge in some very pretty skeins I saw on this week’s Soft Like Kittens update:

Soft Like Kittens yarn

Such lovely, lovely colours.  Don’t they just make your heart sing!?

Hope you’re having a great weekend.








11 thoughts on “Just in time

    1. Your yarn finally made it on to my needles this weekend. It is truly beautiful yarn to knit with. Looking forward to seeing more of it on Saturday!

  1. There is something about sock yarn that makes it universally appealing. I never get tired of seeing its varieties. Drooling over these skeins. I’m envious at how well your socks fit your feet. I feel I am wont be able to knit cuff down anymore because the fit will be too loose. This pair is wonderful.

  2. I like your logic: the only solution for reduced knitting time is more yarn. I find that I apply that to my life as well!

  3. Aside from the socks, which are lovely, the yarn in your new header picture is wonderful. Enjoy the WoW market next weekend, and I’m hoping you’ll give us a skein by skein story about it.

    1. Thank you! I think I need to retake the picture though, as it’s not quite right. I thought it would be nice to get all my autumn colours together to reflect the season’s change. Don’t worry, I shall definitely give an account of my weekend’s spend-up! 😀

  4. Soft Like Kittens is an amazing name for a yarn company! And such lovely colours, too.

    Your new socks look great! I have been focusing on bigger projects lately and am missing my sock knitting. Once this next project is done, though, it’s going to be all socks all the time around here.

    I can’t wait to see what you cast on next!

  5. Oh how I love your sock making! Just brilliant!! That new “Soft Like Kittens”yarn is yummy, can’t wait to see them finished. Hope your work load lightens up.

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