Colour therapy

Wellington turned grey this week.  It has been cloudy and misty and not very nice.  It’s good though, we need the rain.  With the world turning grey, both figuratively (when will I ever get my life back from work?) and literally, I felt the need for some happy colour infusion into my life.

DSC00668 (640x480)This is the Momentum colourway from Stray Cat Socks, which I gleefully told you about a while ago when it arrived in my mailbox.  (My picture is a much more accurate colour representation than on the etsy site).  It’s done the trick!  So nice to see pretty, happy stripes appearing on my needles.  What this picture does not convey is the vibrancy of the colour.  It has an almost translucent quality to it, which to my mind translates into energy!

I have to say that now that I have finally got Stray Cat Socks yarn on my needles, I love it even more! It’s a very good base – the yarn is a tightly spun 75% wool, 25% nylon. The plies do not easily split or separate, and there’s a certain smoothness to the yarn that allows it to slip easily between the fingers and on to the needles.  It’s an excellent sock yarn.  The young boy has already claimed the remainder of the ball after I’ve finished the socks for his knitted bunny’s pompom tail.

I have also recently got hold of a beautiful wool that I have been very interested to try for a while:

Silver wool

There is no other way to describe it than to say it is exquisitely beautiful.  It’s a true silver colour – the actual colour of the fleece.  The drape and lustre of this 100% wool yarn is to be seen to be believed.  I need to collect my thoughts some more before I tell you about it properly though.  Stay tuned!



20 thoughts on “Colour therapy

  1. I love those stripes and what a difference in colours between the pictures I wasn’t to sure about the colour on etsy but love it now, I must have it 🙂
    Love the grey colour too, looking forward to hearing more

  2. Hi Kiwi, Oh how I love that vivid and brilliant Stray Cat, Momentum yarn!!! Can’t wait to see them done. xoRobin

  3. Self-striping yarns are so much fun! They can’t help but push the blahs away. And in that colour… Wow. I love the short stripes – these are going to be great socks (and what a great bunny tail!)

  4. I am been looking forward to seeing how the Stray Cats Yarn knits up. Happy socks!
    And oooohhh, the beautiful silver has me drooling.

  5. Silver wool? That looks amazing. I’m looking forward to hearing about what breed(s) of sheep it could be made of.

    Also, hurrah for socks! I’m fairly certain that most problems in life can be solved by knitting a sock.

  6. Such a pretty ball and then, the magic of the stripes!
    And the silver yarn looks shimmery and magical too.
    Look forward to hearing more…

  7. I have never heard of ‘stray cats Yarn”. It looks rather lovely and being a lover of sock making pretty keen to hear more and where to buy. The coloured stripe yarn looks beautiful. Hope we see a photo of the finished sock. I do enjoy reading your blog and getting so much info. It’s great. Shirley

    1. It’s a fairly ‘under the radar’ brand here, but she has made a lot of sales, understandably!! If you click on the hyperlink I’ve provided for Momentum, you’ll be taken to the etsy site. The socks are knitting up beautifully, BTW. I’ve found I need about 68 sts (although 72 might not even be too many) on 2.25mm needles for my usual size, as it’s a relatively fine yarn. Hope to be able to show more soon. Glad you are enjoying my blog! 🙂

  8. Yep, colour is certainly good to get your spirits soaring but wow ! that silver is fabulous !!!
    Can’t wait to hear it’s story …

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