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Knitted bliss


Hello!!  I hope this post finds you well and refreshed after the Easter holidays!

As for me, to say that I have had some time to knit again does not convey how happy I feel about this situation!

I even have a little ditty to describe it (bear with me):

Ahhh… how lovely to take root in my chair and knit without a care

To sit and knit and knit and knit

It gives me such a hit!  (Hehe!)

Even more happily, this is what happens when a knitter is finally let loose on her knitting:  projects that have until now taken weeks have come flying off the needles… (monster update below).

Here are my completed Rumpelstiltskin socks:

Rumpelstiltskin socks

I’m completely in love with the delicate lace patterning of this design, and so happy with how they turned out!! The beautiful merino/silk blend I got from Sally at Verandah Yarns complements the pattern perfectly.  The socks have turned out to be everything I wanted to them to be.  🙂  Thank you Sally, for this beautiful yarn!  I feel like my feet are wrapped in luxury!

A sweater for the young man is almost done.  The design is a collaborative effort between me and him. Having given up on ever finding the right pattern to knit for him, I drew various versions of what I could do with the colours he chose, and he selected the final design for me to knit.

Sweater in The Wool Co. Corriedale

It’s about time he got a new winter sweater.  I’m using The Wool Company’s Corriedale in three colours – Celtic, Sunflower and Holly (I’m not sure if they still do Holly and Celtic).

The sock fever shows no sign of abating.  Having finished one sock, I had to fill the void by casting on more…

Crenate socks

More love!!  You can’t see much at the moment, but this is such a pretty design to knit!  The design is Crenate by Rachel Coopey. I’m knitting it in Doe Arnot‘s Embers colourway using Flagstaff Alpacas’ merino/alpaca/nylon sock yarn.

There is also the matter of what I have now dubbed the “Imp socks” – in the Momentum colourway from Stray Cat Socks.

The Imp socks

They will eventually go to one of my nieces.  Once I have stopped feeling aggrieved at her for stealing her mum’s birthday socks.  Guess that explains the name, huh?

I have also finally finished this pair, which have turned out so well that I feel confident about presenting them to my mother for her use!  The yarn is an Opal Vincent van Gogh range colourway (5434).  I always send along a small bit of yarn in case repairs are needed further down the line.

Self-patterning Opal yarn socks

Progress is also being made on the latticework cowl pattern.  Assuming that the weather is cooperative this week (botheration… it is raining again today), I will have it properly photographed and the design released next week.

It is such a nice feeling to have my life back again after being so busy at work.  And although I still have a mountain of ironing to get through, at least I also now have a clean house, and getting-there tidy garden (just the back half still to mow and cut back).  I’m almost feeling human once more!






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26 thoughts on “Knitted bliss

  1. I am unbelievably jealous of your gorgeous knits! Those rumplestiltskin socks are going in my queue, they’re to die for!

  2. I can’t decide if I like the Rumpelstiltskin socks or the Imps more – they’re gorgeous!

  3. That is smart! Sending yarn along with the socks! Never thought of that. I think of Rainbow Brite from your niece’s socks. What a compliment, stealing them. The first pair is like Victorian style, dark colors and texture.

  4. Love the boy’s jumper. Great colours. Beautifully measured knitting.
    So related to your line “almost feeling human again”… Know only too well the underlying mental malaise that comes with an overwhelming pile of jobs.
    Knitting becomes such a haven of order, simplicity and achievement at these times. It’s hard to do anything else!

  5. Love all the socks! I’ve been very into socks lately.

  6. Loving all your socks and a huge envy.You’re lucky your son will wear handknitted jumpers. Have a family that won’t wear them. Fortunately have a little granddaughter and grandson that will. Thinking that my dear 10 year old Gd would love those bright coloured stripes.Keep up the good work, it’s really great to read about your achievements.Shirley

    • I’m lucky that my kids are relatively tolerant of my knits. 🙂 I do choose the yarn and pattern very carefully before I knit though – there have been quite a few ‘ooh yuck’ incidences..! I think you GD would love the stripy socks. They’re very girly.

  7. Love that first pair of socks, definitely queued in anticipation of getting enough paypal balance to buy it!

  8. You really are a “sock professional”! They all look great, but the lace one’s with the merino/silk are just fabulous!

  9. such great socks! And you can never had too many (unlike jumpers and cardys)!

  10. The Rumpelstiltskin socks are really nice, good color for them.
    I just finished a pair of socks in the Van Gogh 5453 too. lol I’m wearing mine at the moment. I did them as you did yours ribbing and then stockinette. I did add some ‘butterflies’ 2 rounds just below the ribbing. I really like the color combination. I still have a lot of yarn left and may do ‘mitts’. 🙂

  11. Good to hear you’ve had some happy time to knit ! The little ditty sounded a bit Pooh-ish to me; love that !
    And seeing the things that flew off your needles, I can fairly well see why it makes you so happy – wow..

  12. You are something for sure, give you some extra free time and you are a knitting machine! Each and every item is gorgeous and would be such a pleasure to wear. I love seeing your yarns and the patterns on your socks are always so ornate. Can’t wait to see your son’s finished sweater, love that he hand picked the colors and design. Have a great week, hope you get more free time soon. xoRobin

    • Thank you. 🙂 I knitted only plain vanilla socks for so long. Now I’ve got myself into the patterned ones I’m finding I really love knitting them! Tiny objects of practical beauty!

  13. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love Rachel Coopey’s patterns. They’re so clear and so lovely, and always fun to knit. I bought her book last year and am looking forward to knitting a few more pairs from it this year.

  14. Holy moly, you are a sock-knitting machine!

  15. Seeing your Doe Arnot yarn knit up in a sock is quite inspiring. I’ve been fondling the skein you gave me, trying to decide what it should grow up to be. Or more precisely, what kind of socks it should grow up to be.

    • I’m very pleased with the way they yarn is knitting up in Crenate. Previously I have also knitted your ribbed sock pattern in that yarn base and it has done very nicely as well.

  16. Wow, I particularly love, love, love the Rumpelstiltskin socks. Subtle but stunning.