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I see stripes


I’ve been trying very hard to be good and finish up projects before I start new ones.  It has been especially hard on the sock front, but reminding myself of the reward of that satisfying feeling of getting a few projects off the needles seems to be helping!

Finished and in-progress things from the last few days, which funnily enough, seem to be mostly stripy!

The young boy's sweater

Why is it that when you want people to look nice for the camera, they do the exact opposite?  Someone was quite put out at being asked to pose… but at least you can see the finished result (I can’t be bothered blocking it so it’s a little rumpled looking – matches the boy, I think).  As mentioned in a previous post, this is a sweater of collaboration between the young boy and me.  He chose the colours and the general concept, and I worked out how to knit it!

I knitted the body stripes in reverse stocking stitch to give the sweater a bit more texture.  I felt the stripes looked too flat otherwise, and it’s a nice echo of the garter stitch welt and cuff.  I kept the sleeve stripes stocking stitch though – they would have looked too much like flotation devices otherwise!

The sweater was knitted in the round up to the armholes, then I divided for the armholes, and knitted the front and back separately.  I added some short rows to the back as the young man has broad shoulders, but a bad habit of slumping, and that always produces an unattractive look with the back of the sweater riding up.  I think the short rows have done a good job of keeping the back hem line straight.

The sleeves were picked up after I joined the shoulders, and knitted in the round down to the cuff.   Finally, I added a couple of rows of garter stitch to the neckline.

I was reminded why I am not so fond of knitting stripes when I got to the sleeves.


That jog is oh-so-annoying!  I couldn’t be bothered to rip back on this one, as he’ll probably have outgrown the sweater by next winter, so I’m not too worried about making it perfect.  The colour change is on the inside of the arm, and no one is going to see.  However, with the next sleeve, I decided to review my notes on jogless stripes (this and this tutorial from TECHKnitting are very helpful).

The result is much better.  I suspect that once I get around to blocking the sweater, the stripes will even out even more.

jogless stripe

Unfortunately, the next design that the young man wants me to knit for him involves an entirely striped sweater… it’s enough to make the heart quail.  Ah well, nothing like a challenge!!

The sweater is knitted in The Wool Company 100% Corriedale – a very good workhorse yarn.

Then there are the socks:

Imp socks

The Imp’s socks in self-striping yarn from Stray Cat Socks in the Momentum colourway.  Very pretty, and happily perfectly identical.  I hope she fits them, or they might have to get sent back to me for ‘renovations’.

Of course, one cannot knit a pair of socks for one sister without the other getting a pair too.

Regia self-striping yarn

These are knitted in a Regia Jazz self-striping colourway (6451).

And finally, an almost pair that isn’t stripy:

Crenate socks

The alpaca/merino/nylon sock yarn in the Embers colourway from Doe Arnot.  Very cosy, and looking nice in Crenate.

I am looking forward to this weekend.  Lucky me!  I have a knitting date with the lovely Alice of Bleating Art Yarn! (And if you haven’t already noticed, an update of gorgeous new colourful yarn has recently been put up…)

I also want to say thank you to all you very amazing people who bought my Latticework Cowl pattern.  I really appreciate your support of my endeavours!  🙂

Wishing you a lovely weekend.



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19 thoughts on “I see stripes

  1. Nice work! There are definitely a lot of stripes around at the moment.

  2. Your son did a great job picking his colors and the result is “one very nice looking sweater” for your young boy!!! Love the stripes” ALL of THEM”. Happy weekend and knitting to you. Enjoy, xoRobin

    • Thank you! Stripes are quite addictive, although I think I will go back to yummy cables for a little while. It is becoming winter after all in this part of the world! Hope you are having a great weekend too.

  3. I must bookmark those jogless stripes tutorials, there’s a much bigger improvement, pretty much unnoticeable on the second arm – seems like they work wonders. Stripes must be in style, I just finished a striped sock 😉

  4. Stripes are so much fun – I especially like those Imp socks!

    What a lucky young man to have such a talented mum. Any chance he’s interested in learning how to knit?

    • Thanks! He finger crochets at the moment, and has a knitting tube/loom thing that I can’t remember the name of (it’s similar to a French knitting loom). The knitting needles still perplex him a bit – hopefully when he gets older he will make the effort. He certainly knows a lot already from watching me!

  5. Oh, THANK YOU, for the links to the TECHKnitter’s blog. It’s the most amazingly useful collection of techniques I’ve come across yet, and wonderfully explained and illustrated. I can’t wait to try out the SYTK decrease; I’m still searching for the left-leaning decrease that looks really smooth.

  6. The Imp’s socks are fantastic! Plus, no worries about jogs with self-striping yarn!

  7. I know the feeling, I have a goal though everything (read most ) has to finished by Auckland Wool fest next weekend so I can go crazy on new supplies. Looking forward to meeting Anna from Little wool co.

  8. Your son’s jumper is great. I like how he collaborated with you. If you ever want to attempt the jogless jog, I posted about that some time ago. I 💞 your pairs of socks! The coloratura are up my alley.

  9. Great that your son will wear your jumpers !! I think my boy must be about the same age as yours and he would love the kind of jumper you have knitted !!! I keep meaning to knit him something but we are in the process of moving to hk and apparently it’s really warm out there !!

    • That’s great to know that your son would like it too. Yes, you will have no use at all for heavy knit wear in Hong Kong. Winter there is pretty much the equivalent of our spring/autumn. May pay to pack some warm clothes though – you’ll use it if you go for holidays in colder climates.

  10. You can kind of tell that your boy didn’t want to pose. It’s kind of funny to see!

    Are there no socks for you?! I’m much to selfish a sock knitter to make socks for others. There are a few pairs I’ve promised, but I just can’t bring myself to knit them up just yet.

    • Body language gives it all away! 🙂 It is funny, but you are right. None of the socks are for me at the moment. Don’t worry… it will be rectified soon! Don’t forget that I have a lot more socks of my own that you still. When I didn’t have so many socks, the ones I knitted were all for me!