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A day of fun


When I had some time off last week, I managed to have one of those rare days of fibre-filled happiness in the company of good people.  I do not often get out to ‘play’, and I appreciate the time when I can very much.

I spent the day with lovely Alice and Denise of Bleating Art!  Alice was down in Wellington visiting Denise, and invited me to spend the day with her.  She was dyeing that day, and I have to say I am very lucky to have got a glimpse into the world an indie dyer. So inspiring!!

If you follow Bleating Art on Facebook, you’ll have seen some of the beautiful skeins that were dyed on that day and later.  And of course, when asked (it would be very impolite to say no!), I happily took Alice up on the offer to dye me a custom colour…

Bleating Art Yarn

These were delivered to me this weekend.  The brown skein is the one I asked her to dye for me.  Alice’s yarn colours are so pretty that of course I had to indulge in some of her own inspiration too!  The above colours from left to right are Aluminium, Augustus and the Chocolate River (custom colour), Apricot Fizz, Astrid and Aunty Alice. These skeins are 100% merino super-twist yarn base (whether this yarn becomes a regular item in the yarn offering depends on whether more can be sourced). Just looking at those pretty colours makes me smile. (And if you are wondering, I believe there is still a lot of yarn left in the shop).

More fibre-filled happiness in the form of being able to go to the knitting afternoon at the Karori Flower Shop (headquarters of Bleating Art Yarn) on Saturday.  It was nice to meet new people – including readers of this blog! Hello again!

A very big thank you to Alice for so thoughtfully including me in her world of colour.  What more can a girl ask for? A cool weekend with a good friend, and the cherry on the top – filled with yarn and knitting talk!


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14 thoughts on “A day of fun

  1. Those are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing what you’ll knit them into 🙂

  2. Ohh pretty colours, love the soft orange with brown. Sounds like a lovely day.

  3. Gorgeous skeins. Your yarn collection is unique.

  4. What an amazingly wonderful day to spend your precious time off.

  5. Isn’t it wonderful to have days like this ! Good for mind, body & spirit.
    Do Bleating Art have another outlet online apart from Facebook ?!?

  6. Very jealous that you got to meet Alice, and that she got to meet you. What wonderful creations she has dyed up there. Can’t wait to see what they become. Glad to hear that you had some play time.

  7. O wow, those colours…. Seen some skeins on facebook too, but they just don’t stop to amaze me… Lush !
    Little question though; what makes a super-twist yarn different ? I don’t think I’d ever seen the term before.. ( and googling it mainly results in selling points, not explanations.. )

    • I might have to do a post to answer your question on super twist. In short, the yarn is “super” twisted (ie a much tighter twist than normal yarn). This creates an extra-dense yarn which has tucked all the wool fibres into a nice, neat strand with super elasticity (great for socks). The resulting density can be measured in that it is heavier than a normal 4 ply (normal fingering is about 400m to 100g. Super twist is more like 380m per 100g). The density and extra twist makes for a stronger and more durable yarn, which is essential in a 100% merino wool yarn that is used for socks.

  8. How lucky you are. It isn’t every day you get to have a custom color made. What is your plan for it?

  9. Socks, of course. 🙂 No particular pattern in mind at the moment.