A good kind of busy

This week has flown by in a very good busy kind of way.  There has been an enormous amount of knitting behind the scenes, plotting designs and sorting out samples.  So much fun!!

Although it’s too early to tell you about any of the new things I’m working on, I realise that I haven’t yet shown you the possum version of the Latticework Cowl:

Latticework cowl in Zealana HeronThis version is knitted in Zealana Heron in the Cloud Blue colourway.  You can see the softer look of the stitches in this version caused by the halo from the possum fibres.  Of course, it’s very snuggly and soft as well!  I love it as much as the original in Maniototo Wool.

I’m working on a third version in alpaca at the moment.  I think it will be interesting to see how the alpaca performs in a structured cable design.

I knitted a quick hat for the older boy over the weekend.  Haven’t managed to get a photo yet.  It’s a basic slouchy beanie in worsted weight (design out of my head).  I had a lone skein of Dark Charcoal Cascade 220 floating in my stash that was the perfect thing for this beanie.  He seems quite happy with it. I was so happy with it that I’m knitting another now – this time for my brother-in law.

The Crenate socks were also finished.

Crenate socks in alpaca/merino

I love the fancy detailing around the ankle and heel.  It’s interesting that the pattern for this sock instructs a much smaller level of slip stitch rib than is shown in the pattern pictures on Ravelry.  I ended up knitting quite a few more rows than suggested in the pattern as the heel was far too shallow otherwise, but I think the heel would be better knitted as shown in the pictures on Ravelry (maybe she updated the design after it was printed in The Knitter, where I got this pattern?)  I am slightly worried that the heel will wear out too fast knitted like I have knitted it. However, they do look very pretty.  I hope the recipient likes them.

The New Zealand alpaca/merino/nylon sock yarn base I used is so lovely that I’m glad I’ll be casting on using this base again soon for the older boy’s annual pair of winter socks.  This time it’s from Happy-go-knitty in a self-striping combination of soft blues that look just like striped pyjamas to me!

Self-striping alpaca merino

Finally, a Happy Mother’s Day to all mums who read this blog!  I hope you had (are having) a wonderful day and were/are being appropriately spoiled by your families.  I was very surprised to receive a beautiful bouquet from my daughter (who lives overseas).  The two boys managed to acquit themselves very well too – the younger boy surprised me by cutting up a plate of fruit and cracking a handful of walnuts for me, all presented very neatly on a plate, as a mother’s day snack, along with a pretty handmade card.  He cut out a whole heap of beautiful hearts and decorated the door frame to the living room with them as well.  Such a sweetie! And the older boy, not to be outdone, washed and dried the day’s dishes all by himself!!  No mean feat considering I decided to get energised on the baking front today and baked no less than two pumpkin pies and an apple cake, and then made a very large pot of soup for dinner.  There was quite a pile of washing-up to do…

I have been very spoiled indeed this weekend.





14 thoughts on “A good kind of busy

  1. Wow, how do you manage to knit so much without your hands getting sore?? My RSI is playing up right now and all I want to do it knit, but a few rounds and I am done… I wish I could knit socks as fast as you!

    1. Poor you! I hope your RSI gets better soon. I have had to learn to position my arms and hands when knitting in a way that doesn’t cause strain (being aware of what’s comfortable is really important) and I do stop and stretch out when I can feel tension building. I also avoid yarns that hurt (cotton and acrylic in particular) and choose to mostly use needles with some flex (wood and bamboo are best for this).

  2. Happy Mothering Sunday! It sounds like you are being properly and deservedly spoiled! I love all your knits, but especially love the striped pyjamas yarn 🙂

  3. Happy mother’s day to you too! You have been spoilt in such a sweet way and it warms my heart just reading it.
    Already yesterday I loved seeing my kids whispering to each other about their secret mother day plans. Don’t you just love it?

    1. I think it’s always so much nicer to have things done for you from the heart rather than receive physical gifts (although my daughter’s flowers were very much appreciated, especially as she lives so very far away). All the more of a surprise because I had no idea that they were even wanting to do anything for me. Sounds like you were in for a lovely mother’s day too!

  4. Glad your boys are spoiling you today. Happy Mama’s Day. You got so much accomplished. The socks are real cool and yes, that cowl looks real cozy.

  5. Glad you’ve had a happy knitting week and a happy Mothers’ Day. Well deserved. Love the cowl, and the stripey blue sock yarn; yes just like stripey PJs.

  6. Wow it all looks marvelous ! Your cowl in heron looks really scrumptious, the socks are cute & who wouldn’t want a pair of jarmies that colour lol
    Glad you had such a happy mother’s day 🙂

  7. Hi love your cowl. I have bought the pattern will make a change from knitting socks. Can you please tell me will I need 3 balls of Heron or get away with 2.Thanks looking forward to starting it.

  8. That cowl looks so snuggly! I’ve had a bit of trouble with lace on the heel of a sock leading to a hole, but only after a long time of continual wear. It will probably ok and might just need some mending eventually.

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