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The Yarn Addict


Oh lovely stash of mine

Forgive me, for I have sinned (again)

Lead me from temptation for

I looked and saw, and my heart did desire


A bad day at work, a sad situation

Comfort of the squishy kind I needed

Eyes strayed from your loyal presence

Sitting, trusting by my side, do not show your ire

DSC00780 (640x516)

See the evidence of shame before me

Gleefully pulled from the mailbox

Unwrapped in haste, caressed, sheepy essence inhaled

A happy sigh exhaled

The Acquisitions

Projects plotted and planned

The heart gladdened, of woolly goodness


Alpaca cuddles


Silky promises of socks to come…


A pop of colour, oh fun and joy!

Self-striping stray cat socks

All these I add to you, oh stash

Beautiful skeins from past acquisitions

Some of the haul

You say: Pick me! knit, me!

Hurry, yarn I no longer want to be!

And yes, through fingers wound

With sticks and time


On the sofa with you I shall sit

Creating a garment your beauty will fit

All in good time, my pretties

All in good time.



Author: kiwiyarns

Welcome to my blog where I talk about knitting in New Zealand and the beautiful yarns you can find here.

19 thoughts on “The Yarn Addict

  1. And it’s your fault that I have some Silver Lining coming my way too. You bad enabler!! 🙂
    Lovely stash.

  2. It’s like being addicted to wool porn, isn’t it! The feel, the smell, the anticipation…!

  3. Add to Vicky’s “The yarn coming to your door!” Kind of like “it followed me home, can I keep it?” lol

  4. There is always a good reason, I ordered some Vintage Purls on Friday to celebrate that youngest is almost 10; when he was younger I was sure he’d kill himself before he reached double digits (hopefully he continues to prove me wrong). I think I’ll find myself at Knitworld’s sale on Tuesday too, they’ve got my favourite sock yarn!

    • Yarn is a good reason to celebrate anything I think. 🙂 Knitworld have some very nice things on offer this time. I’m looking forward to more (ahem) shopping…

  5. Silver Lining looks like great yarn. Creative post.

  6. I feel your shame, but I say, “Good for you!!!”

  7. Joy, joy , joy is all I see here ( & a little envy here :D). What a lovely group of friends to add to your stash to cheer you up!!

  8. “Evidence of shame” ? :O
    I’m pretty sure you meant “evidence of joy & inspiration” .. 😉

  9. I might have had some similar yarn acquisition problems recently as well. I’ve decided to grow extra arms so I can finish more things.

    Of course the big question is, what will you cast on first?

  10. This post gave me a big smile.

  11. I console (no, tell) myself with the thought that there are far worse addictions than yarn/wool. It’s hardly a bad thing this knitting lark. Good on you. Enjoy.

  12. There is no need for forgiveness when you self-medicate with yarn. Especially when your acquisitions are that beautiful!

  13. I empathise. We’re all in the same boat 😉

  14. Hi! Just discovered your blog. I live in Auckland, do you know of any good knitting shops up here that carry independent yarns from NZ and abroad? So far I’ve been buying my wool online from overseas but we have so many sheep here, I know I must be missing something! Any suggestions much appreciated!

    • There certainly are nice yarns available in New Zealand! If you have a look at my sidebar, there are links to a lot of New Zealand independent yarn producers and indie dyers. In terms of physical yarn stores, I do not have a comprehensive list for Auckland as I live in Wellington. However, two that I do know of that may interest you are Robyn Egge and Wild and Woolly Yarns (36 Victoria Road, Devonport, Tel: 09 445 3255. Also there are the larger chains – Knit World (398 Great North Road
      Henderson) and Mascos (Westfield Shopping Centre, downtown). Perhaps some Auckland-based readers could supplement this list?