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The last couple of weeks have been very uneventful on the knitting front, but this week has made up for it.

I knitted a sum total of one sock in the last ten days.

Just. One. sock.  Damn that day job!

At least it made a pair from knitting from weeks past.

Sock self-portrait

I think the boy is pleased with them.  This is his sock portrait.  That’s me looking at how they fit.  It was an amusing situation.  🙂

Now I can sneakily get rid of the old, most-unattractive ones that have been worn to death… (which funnily enough still don’t have holes in them!)

The yarn for the new pair is from Happy-go-knitty.  It’s a self-striping colourway in the alpaca/merino/nylon blend.  One of my favourites!

Now that the major work project is over, there has been more time for knitting, and I finished this pair today:

Silver socks

Sparkly silver yarn.  They makes me feel so very special when I put them on!  The toe section is a little shorter than I usually make it due to the smaller number of stitches in the pattern.  Not sure I like that part, it seems to make the sock not so balanced looking, but never mind!  If I knitted these again in future, I would do a section of plain stocking stitch before binding off for the toe to increase the size of the toe section.

The pattern is the Swanky School Socks, and I used Doespins’ beautiful silver sparkly yarn in the Silverfish colourway.  It’s a merino/nylon/stellina yarn base, and was perfect for these socks. In fact, I got the yarn with the intention of knitting this pattern, and am amazed that I followed through!  Most unlike me…

I love the detail.  I was quite surprised I was able to finish them this week – after the mega work project, I didn’t think I’d be able to!

swanky school socks

Finally, and most excitingly, I am very pleased to give you a preview of a new pattern, Alice’s Mitts:

Alice's Mitts


This pattern is a collaboration.  Alice (my lovely friend from Bleating Art) decided she wanted some cabled mittens. She described what she wanted to me and asked if I’d be able to design some for her.  Of course, I said yes, and after a bit of swatching of samples and discussions with Alice, came up with the pattern.  Her super mum, Denise, was very kind to do a test knit – the version here are her work.  I’m really pleased to see how they turned out.  Hasn’t she done a super job!?

It’s a strange one for me – normally I test knit the pattern first, but I have not had the time to do that, and sent the pattern to Alice as is. Fortunately, it worked!  It has been a bit of a confidence booster actually.  To write a pattern and have it come out fine without me testing it first.  Of course if helps that Denise is a very talented knitter, and was able to use her experience to offer constructive advice on certain aspects of the design.

Denise used Ashford Mackenzie 4 ply 100% NZ merino yarn to knit this sample.  They’re as warm and snuggly as the photo suggests.

Alice's Mitts

Alice is knitting her own version as well, which I’m sure you’ll see soon on the Bleating Art facebook page.

Thank you Alice, for the great pattern idea, and Denise for the great knitting!

Surprisingly, I have a small backlog of patterns to finish editing and laying out at the moment.  The layout for these mitts is one of those patterns.

I am very much looking forward to a weekend of no work and lots and lots of knitting (and pattern writing)!!!!

Happy weekend!


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13 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. I saw a sneak preview of those mittens somewhere is a gorgeous bright jewel blue. It’s an awesome pattern. Very much my flavour.
    You’re such a speedy knitter! Great silver socks.

  2. Your blog is one of my very favorites!! And those new green mitts-gorgeous!! Looking forward to the pattern!! From sunny Colorado US

  3. Just love those mitts. I like how far up the hand they go. Great design.

  4. Oooo errrr scrummy. You are clever and talented!

  5. Socks! I love them all. Hopefully you get more knitting time in the upcoming future.

  6. Congratulations on that lovely pattern writing! The mitts are so beautiful and they DO look so warm and cozy. Your sock knitting is of course the best and always masterful : )
    Hope you have a wonderful clicking knittin’ weekend, xoRobin

  7. Those socks are perfecto on your son’s feet. Nice neutral color scheme. Your socks are very pretty. Smiled at how they make you feel. The mitts are lovely. I really like the fine stitching.

  8. I like the look of that jumper you’re wearing – is it one of your finished projects?

  9. I hope your weekend has been full of knitting and other relaxing things indeed !
    The socks are lovely, both pairs ! Love how the pattern on the Swanky School socks goes on along the heel 🙂
    And those mittens…. Gorgeous !

  10. What a lovely pair of socks and a great mitten pattern. They do indeed look very warm and squishy 🙂

  11. Love love love the silver socks!