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Treebeard and Poppy socks and the Social Wool Fair


So overjoyed was I at being able to have a week of regular hours that I completed these socks in exactly one week.


Pattern:  Treebeard by Claire Ellen

Yarn:  Knitsch 100% merino sock in Emo Nemo (limited edition colourway)

The only thing I’d say about them is that I followed other knitters’ advice and used a larger sock needle than suggested.  The pattern says 2.25mm, but I used 2.5mms.  The socks fit well but I think I would have struggled if I had used the smaller needle.  However, there is the matter of the pattern not showing up very distinctly.  You can see it more clearly in the final photo (where I have pulled up the socks to show the lace separations).  I figure if you blocked the socks you might get the look in that picture.  I wonder if I blocked them out like that though, would they not be too baggy on me afterwards considering they fit perfectly as is?  Maybe I should have risked the smaller needle, and trusted that they would have stretched out over my feet after all and given the look they should have had!??

Love how cosy they feel in Knitsch merino.  I think the colour suits the ‘old forest’ theme of these socks.

Finding myself bereft of a sock project after finishing the Treebeards, I was left in a quandary.  Should I start knitting one of my current designs in progress, or should I choose from the mountain of sock patterns sitting by my knitting chair?

I do need to come to grips with toe-up socks because I’ve got a design in my head that will only work toe-up (unless I modify it).  What better way to learn that to knit a few toe-up socks?

I’ve chosen the Poppy socks to start with, using Knitsch’s Moulin Rouge colourway. I think it’s very poppy’ish don’t you?  I’m not sure if the pattern was the wisest choice though.  After I cast on, I thought I had better go and look at what other people have said about the pattern, and there were a fair few remarks (and photos) about weirdly fitting heels and no stretch.  Oh dear.  Now all my anti-toe-up bells were a-jangling!!!  I hate it when I break out in a nervous sweat about how a sock is going to go.

I looked again at the pattern instructions for the heel, and I think that by following some of the suggestions from other knitters and using my own knitting common sense and knowledge of how heels fit, I should be able to get these babies to work.  Let’s see how I get on!


Now I shall tell you all about the Social Wool Fair that we had yesterday!  It was a very lovely day, in a spacious hall that was visited by a constant stream of eager knitters and crafters.  Again I bought more than I ought to…. (ahem).   Not pictured below is Kate Davie’s Colours of Shetland book and more wooden DPNs.

Social wool fair acquisitions


I especially loved catching up with people and hearing all their news.  It was also super to meet a few readers and get more of an appreciation for who reads my blog!  People, I am in awe of your knitting skills!

I think the social aspect was very well done.  The markets that I have attended in the past do not tend to facilitate being able to just stand and talk or sit and knit and natter, or have a coffee and a bite to eat, as the case may be, yet this day definitely provided that option.  Fantastic!  Well done, and many, many thanks to the organisers for bringing in so many amazing sellers, and also providing the opportunity for people to contribute for the benefit of charity.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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15 thoughts on “Treebeard and Poppy socks and the Social Wool Fair

  1. It’s so cool how there are so many wool festivals. I didn’t know Cookie had a toe up pattern. I like that poppy color. The first pair is nice. It looks like an intricate lace pattern.

    • I guess it makes up for the fact we don’t have things like Stitches West or VK Live or much like that. I haven’t looked in depth into Cookie A’s patterns. I’m interested to know that toe up patterns are rare for her.

  2. Sounds lovely, that festival ! Hope there’s gonne be some around here too, come fall…
    As for heels on toe up socks; I tried a few, but what worked best for me was the heel from this pattern, which makes a nice heelflap, so I could easily adjust for my high instep 🙂
    Oh, I love that Kate Davies book ! Though I haven’t actually knitted anything from it ( yet ). Will finish the book on wool first, I reckon, so I can make a better choice for substitute yarn ( my LYS doesn’t sell too many Shetland yarns.. )

  3. Oh yes lovely poppy red. And I love the yarns you came home with, the social fair sounds fun. Something to look forward to when I’m back in Wellington.
    Yes great weekend, longest day here, gorgeous sunshine, have been out looking at rose gardens again….oh the colours. Inspiration ++

    • Roses are so beautiful. Are you going to do a post about them? Would love to see the varieties you have in Paris. I do vaguely remember something about them from last year, but it’s always nice to have a refresher! 🙂

  4. Those Treebeards are lovely. I imagine that blocking them would bring out the pattern a bit more, but I would rather wear socks with a slightly less defined pattern and have them fit me!

  5. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday – so good to put a person to the wonderful blog, and you’re right – it was so nice to be able to stand and chat and have coffee etc, a really lovely atmosphere! Nikki (with the scarf with all of the things on it….)

  6. Your Treebeard socks are the perfect colour. Beautiful!

  7. I think your poppy socks look great so far! If the heel gives you too much trouble, there’s a heel on this free pattern that I would think would work ( Good luck – I know you’ll figure it out. 🙂

  8. I really wanted to go to the social wool fair – more for the “social” than for the “wool” (of which I have too much). But i was unwell on the day and had to give it a miss.

    • Sorry to hear you were unwell. There are some nasty bugs around at the moment. The good news is that I’m fairly certain it will be on again next year.