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The Anemone Socks


Today, I am excited to release the Anemone Socks pattern!

Anemone socks

The Anemone Socks feature a simple 8 stitch repeat that is easily memorised to make this sock an engaging but easy project for commuting knitting or while watching television.  A pretty eye of partridge heel gives a durable heel and complements the broderie anglaise stitch pattern.

Anemone socks

There are two size instructions – medium and large.

This stitch pattern does not have the same number of stitches per row – the stitch count reduces in the K2tog, SKPO row before being increasing back to 64 stitches when the long stitches are made.  This factor creates a sock with slightly less give than normal around the cuff, although the foot is not affected as the stocking stitch sole adds stretch.

The medium size as shown (7” cuff) weighs 85g using the specified yarn.  More yarn may be needed for larger sizes depending on length of cuff knitted.

The recommended yarn weight for the medium size is a standard super twist sock yarn like Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn. In terms of other New Zealand yarns, if you have any Bleating Art, Fibre Alive, Verandah Yarns Merino Sock, Vintage Purls or Double Helix from Soft Like Kittens lurking in your stash, those yarns are also perfect for this pattern.  Any of the sock yarns sold by Doespins or the alpaca sock from Happy-go-knitty are also fine.  (I used the sadly discontinued Fibre Alive Merino Mania sock yarn in the Douglas colourway to knit these socks.)

Examples of similar weight (fingering) international yarns would be Koigu KPPPM, MadTosh Sock, Sokkusu “O” and Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock (there are of course, many other alternatives!)  Standard commercial sock yarns like Opal, Patons and Regia will also be the right weight.

Click here to go through to the pattern page.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this pattern is free to readers (or those who are told the code!) until midnight 18 July 2014, New Zealand time.  Just enter the code “DANA” in the coupon code section at checkout.

It’s also a little thank you to everyone for reading this blog, as I reach my 500th follower.

Happy Knitting!

Anemone socks



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42 thoughts on “The Anemone Socks

  1. Thank you very much for the lovely pattern! I will knit these from Opal 😉

  2. Just downloaded this pattern love it thank-you. Got two pair to finish before I start these so hopefully by the end of next week

  3. Thank you, it’s so pretty!

  4. 😃congratulations for reaching 500 🎉💃
    & also for another fabulous sock pattern xxx

  5. Gorgeous . You are such a fast sock knitter too. The yarn is beautiful and works really well with your pattern.

    • I feel sad that he has stopped dyeing every time I knit with one of James’ beautiful colourways. Too pretty to use, except for the fact I want to enjoy seeing the colour knitted too!

  6. Thank you – girl’s socks – I love them

  7. thank you for the pattern. can not wait to try it out!

  8. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to starting these – I’m at the end of the first sock so it won’t be long!

  9. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  10. Beautiful! Thank you so much, I will enjoy knitting this pattern x

  11. Love the pattern and love your blog… Thank you!!!

  12. I love the pattern, and look forward to each posting on your blog. I admire your work very much. Thanks for your kindness in sharing this beautiful pattern.

  13. The socks are beautiful. Congratulations on your 500th follower. Yours is such a good blog

  14. Just adding my congratulations too; 500 readers, well done. Not surprising, your blog is super.

  15. I like these a lot! I think I might have the yarn that’s just right for them! *goes off to download pattern*

  16. Thank you so much for your generous offer. I look forward to knitting them when I get back to Melbourne. I have a pretty pink Regia yarn in the stash which I think will suit these socks, they are very girly. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  17. Yay! I hope, I hope, I can get some time to knit these up. They are just gorgeous 🙂

  18. Your patterns are always so lovely! Also, I noticed that you are currently #1 on the Hot Right Now list on ravelry! Congrats! (So many exclamation points. But that is how excited I am for you.)

    • Thank you! Yes, I nearly died of fright when I logged on this morning and saw that. I’m so touched that everyone likes the pattern. 🙂

      PS: Your new police box socks are awesome!!

  19. Thanks for this, so generous! Love it when I see you’ve posted new content, your blog is a great read!

    I’m a UK 4 in terms of foot size…are these beauties likely to be too big & therefore better gifted?? 🙂

    • I think you’d be fine knitting the socks. The fit is a little smaller than the standard sock. They’re much like knitting standard top-down socks, except that there’s an overall pattern. I am not sure how many stitches you normally cast on? There are two ways to get around the fit:

      1. Cast on your usual amount of stitches (as long as it’s divisible by 8) and knit using the yarn as per the pattern, but proportionately adapting for the lesser number of stitches for heel division and sole. For example, my guess is you might normally cast on 56 stitches, which just means you knit one less repeat across the row. You’d stop where you normally do for length, remembering to complete row 1 or 5 to keep the stitch count correct; or

      2. Knit with a finer yarn than recommended and size down to 2.25mm or 2mm needles and cast on as per the pattern. This should be sufficient to make the socks a little less wide. I recently knitted a pair of socks for my 8 yr old niece using this method and it worked fine. I see you are in Wellington? Suitable yarns for a smaller sock will be Touch Yarns’ magic merino sock, Soft Like Kittens’ Noodle sock, Happy-go-knitty’s 100% BFL sock or Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, for some examples. Also Stray Cat Socks, if you’re in the mood for stripes!

      Hope that helps, and thanks for the kind words. 🙂

      • Wonderful, wonderful advice thank you! I will reduce the stitches & give yarn careful consideration…what hardship eh? 😀 I may have to buy new! Woo!

  20. Love these. I’ll be downloading now to start them for a gift for my mom. Thank you!

  21. Congrats on reaching 500 ! This is a must read blog for me keeping me up to date on the kiwi knitting scene!