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The past couple of weeks have been a bit strange.  I’ve started and discarded a number of posts.  There are things to talk about but I haven’t quite found the right words.  I think I’ve sunk into a bit of a reflective state of mind that hasn’t quite right for blogging.  So, I’ve decided that the best way to talk about what has been happening will be in snippets:

I’m working on another pattern that has me very excited, but that’s all I can tell you about at this stage.  It’s another ‘geek happy’ pattern.  I really wasn’t sure if others would understand the concept of this sock, but the secret advisers I’ve talked to have all been very supportive, so I think it’s going to fly.  I do hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as me when it is released.

In the meantime, I share a picture of pretty yarn from the very talented Helene of Happy-go-knitty.  Some of it may have been for my new design…

Yarn from Happy-go-knitty

The Ripe Raspberry pink at the end is the most heavenly soft yarn I have ever felt (truly!).  It’s 50% yak, 50% silk.  The yarn is a heavier lace weight, which I like because I am still not overly fond of knitting cobweb weight yarn.  I think it will become a lace shawl fairly quickly.  The stitch markers are adorable.  Each of them has a different word such as ‘love’, ‘create’ and ‘imagine’.

It has been school holidays, and I had another happy ‘mumcation’ which involved very little besides knitting, outside of working hours.  I had time and space to experiment with new techniques and stitches that I don’t usually have the concentration for.  It was very productive from that point of view! It’s wonderful when you have a sister whose kids are the same age as yours.  One day I will be able to repay the favour and my sister can have a ‘mumcation’ too!  I am enjoying having the boy home though.  Life will soon be back to normal when the older one returns from his holiday too.

I have discovered a couple of new-to-market yarns.  Post coming about them soon.

One of the reasons for not having much to say is because I’ve been also working on this very, um, tedious project:


Robin is a lovely design, and I really want a sweater like this, and I love, love, love the Zealana Kiwi fingering that I’m knitting it in.  The stocking stitch hell will be worth it, I tell myself through gritted teeth and sleepy, drooping eyelids.  I feel that this project is a test of perseverance.  It’s very hard to stay awake at the end of the day and knit hundreds of stitches in stocking stitch.

Why am I knitting a plain stocking stitch sweater in a design that can easily be got from the stores for a much cheaper price?  You’ve probably guessed:  It’s all about the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern! I’ve wanted another sweater in Kiwi ever since I finished my Autumnal Cardigan, and found that this yarn is just the best thing ever.  The yarn has not pilled or gone out of shape at all.  It has the most amazing drape, and it is soooo comfortable to wear!! After wearing this cardigan all summer and autumn, the cotton in the yarn has softened and weathered just enough to give my Autumnal that slightly faded denim look and feel that you get in a good pair of jeans after a period of wear.  It is really the perfect yarn for an autumnal garment.  And I think it will be amazing in this pattern.  Only eight more 500 stitch rows before I can separate the sleeves from the body.  I.can.do.it!!!

Those who know me well might shriek a little this next thing:  I am considering starting a Facebook page for Kiwiyarns Knits. You read that right.  The person with complete anathema towards Facebook is now thinking about using it.  Why?  Well, I want to make information about New Zealand yarns more accessible.  This blog is a great repository for information, but I do recognise that the use of social media has moved on a lot since I started Kiwiyarns Knits. I think that a Facebook page may be a more flexible way of sharing information in quick bite sizes.  It will sit along side this blog, which I am going to keep writing, but it will have a different angle to sharing information.  For example, through all my ‘likes’, you’ll be able to easily find the Facebook pages of other yarn companies in New Zealand.  I could share quick photos of interesting things I’ve seen but which don’t quite make a post.  People can use the page to share useful information about what they know of happenings in the New Zealand knitting scene.  I’d really love it if people posted pictures of their projects in New Zealand yarn, or of my designs.  The one thing that will not happen on that page is selling.  I really have an issue with buying on Facebook, and I’m not about to start that on my page. So what do you think?  Would you be interested in seeing a Kiwiyarns Knits Facebook page?  I’ve also considered Instagram and Pinterest and all those other social media tools, but I think that Facebook will serve my purposes best.  I’d be keen to know if there is interest in this.

Thanks for bearing with this unusual post.  I’m sure I’ll get out of my current state of mind soon.

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  1. Like you I have a problem with technology. I do use Facebook ,mainly to keep up with the children.
    On a personal note I have now made six pairs of socks since starting to read your blog and discovered some of the wonderful indie dyers. Keep up the great work, it makes it so much easier to just jog along with you than think for myself!! I have started to knit most socks now from the toe-up. Great when you have limited yarn.

  2. I was quite interested in your thinking on blog/Facebook etc. I read your posts here, but abhore Facebook, so wouldn’t follow you there.

    How about a combination of Twitter and Tumblr? You can arrange it so Tumblr posts get tweeted automatically:


    I am very aware that social media is a lot about personal preference, but have found that more and more people turn away from Facebook and that Twitter is becoming increasingly popular (this is for ‘grown up’ users, I find it hard to work out what is ‘in’ amongst teenagers). But then again, that’s just the people I interact and discuss this with 🙂

    Good luck with your thinking, I’m interested to see what other comments say!!

    1. Good to know. I think I’ve just been hearing a lot of pro-FB lately, and wondering whether I should stop being a negative nelly about it from a ‘professional’ point of view. My idea was to only have the presence only as Kiwiyarns Knits, but I’m not keen to do it if others feel the same way about FB as me. Thank you!

  3. Yikes! I love your blog. But I’m working on how to completely dissociate myself from Facebook, hopefully this time forever, so I’ll keep reading the blog for as long as you post on it, but I will not follow you – or anyone else – on Facebbok. (Sorry if that’s negative, but you are asking for feedback.) May the socks be as successful as the Anenome socks, and may the stocking stich soon come to an end. I know the feeling – I’m working on a large project and ended up doing most of the back in double seed stich, just to try and keep my eyes open and my wits awake. Cheers,

    1. I know exactly where you are coming from. I intensely dislike Facebook, and will not use it on a personal level. It is good to have your honest feedback, and I appreciate it! Thank you!

  4. I love Facebook initially primarily for following what my kids were up to. Now though I find it an easy way to get quick updates e.g. Anna Gratton will show a new yarn she has just dyed or a photo of a project that has used her yarn. Personally I find it inspiring. I don’t do twitter or those other social media options myself.I would definitely like your page! 🙂 Cheers

  5. Had to check out your Autumn cardi, and I love it, looks so cosy and warm.
    I don’t buy anything from facebook either and spend very little time on it. I do check the news feed every day. I think it works well for quick posts and photos but it is hard to categorise items so it is not useful for looking up previous posts or projects IMO. More an instant news feed on what is happening right now. Bear in mind that facebook seems to have limited how many of your posts show up in others feeds unless we viewers ‘like’ individual posts. I read somewhere that we only see 10% of the posts! don’t know if this is still true……and I hate the gratuitous advertising for face creams and diet plans 😦

  6. I second Doe with regard to the algorithms that govern Facebook notifications, and agree that it works best as a secondary tool for snippets of information and networking. I do follow several U. S. Yarn companies (reading in Alaska) through FB, though, and it is a delight when I have 2minutes in the day to check on the world and get to learn something quick about my craft in the same place that I use to check on friends.
    I think you are quite wise to have set parameters for your FB use, and think it will work just as you intend.

  7. My blogging and words have been a bit spasmodic since my brother died earlier this year. I hope my “juices” are starting to flow again but there is no forcing things when any of us are in a drier patch for whatever reason.

    WordPress offers a link to a Facebook page as you post a blog and you can reset that if you don’t want a post to link to Facebook. Pinterest and Ravelry offers that linking with WP too.

    Getting your preferred privacy settings right for you is important on FB. Pinterest certainly captures plenty of attention and offers the opportunity to set up different boards to highligh different things.

    Good luck on your decision making.

    Keep warm in this appalling cold and wet…..the warm winter seems to have disappeared.

  8. I’d follow on FB, but don’t do Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, as I spend too much time on line as it is! I think that if you “like” on FB, you also have to hover over that like and hit the “get notifications” that comes up. Otherwise FB won’t send updates when they happen.

  9. I suppose you and I will be in stockinette hell together. I’m still working on my sweater. It has 305 stitches a row and it doesn’t get any better when I reach the sleeves! But you have me beat at 500 stitches.

  10. Don’t do twitter , fb has it’s uses for keeping in contact with friends abroad, but unfortunately the people or posts that I’m most interested in never seem to pop up on news feed that much. I won’t buy from fb either .

  11. I do follow your blog – it’s great, thank you. I would, however, not follow along on facebook. I do look at my children’s Facebook pages but no others. Not a facebook or Twitter fan! I am though, an avid user of Instagram. I follow many of my favourite Ravellers, knit podcasters, knitting designers and bloggers via Instagram. After taking a while to get used to it, I now check it each day immediately after my email.

  12. Interesting. I don’t use FB so I prefer to read substance and people’s thoughts. Small snippets of information aren’t enough for me, so I wouldn’t follow on FB.

  13. Oh, I can easily think of various good reasons why not to get the cheaper sweater from the store indeed… Good luck with the sockinette !
    And I’m very curious to learn if I might have some geeky-side in me 😉
    As for facebook, I don’t know. I do have an account, but find myself more and more considering to quit it. I find it often easy to spend too much of my precious time there for one reason, the other is that fb has me pretty annoyed lately with all their changes. They make quite small changes every now and then, but I’ve got the feeling it is asking more and more from my privacy, which I highly dislke. As for ads – you can get free adblockers on the net as well, so that’s not really a problem here anymore..

  14. I run a successful Facebook page for my Kiwi business (not yarn-related, unfortunately!) and i find it works very well. I don’t do a lot of selling through the page as I prefer people to buy through our website. Let me know if you’d like someone to chat to about it!

  15. I would like that pattern in navy and white or I like the black and white example on its project page. The purple you’re using are very nice. The sock yarn rocks. I want to treat myself to yak at the next Stitches.

  16. I am happy that you are branching out to Facebook. Instagram might be good for pictures too; there is a very active knitting/fiber community there. Hope it works well!

  17. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to hearing your news, but I am not on Facebook and will not consider joining it, even though my family post photos there.

  18. I would be interested in your FB site. Like some of the other commenters, I also use and like Instagram. I also use Pinterest. Good luck with your thinking/percolating/strategising. Looking forward to the geeky socks too.

  19. Just love the yak/silk yarn, every time I see it on Helene’s Facebook page I just want to dive in and get some!! However am on a VERY strict yarn and fibre diet after spending over double my budget at the Woolfest and cannot allow myself to stash enhance until it diminishes somewhat! Look forward to seeing what you create with it.

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