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Things sock knitters say


Sock knitters say the funniest things sometimes.

I giggle in conspiratorial recognition, because I could hear myself saying quite a few of these things too.  So, on a day when I need a bit of cheering up, because the world has been a bit of an awful place lately, I thought I’d share some of the things that have made me guffaw or giggle with the writer when I read them, and hope that they give you as much of a smile as they did me.

On buying yarn:

“I am stash diving so I can buy more yarn.”



“…evidently I order sock yarn in my sleep.   It is a darn good thing that socks wear out.”

Sock yarn...

On knitting socks:

I am making socks that are not necessarily in pairs…”

Not pairs

On socks for stress control:

“…  she never stops talking! I had to crawl away to knit this sock while she was here…”

Holiday sock


And one from me:

“This sock isn’t quite doing it for me.  I think I need to start a new one…”

Have a great day!










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17 thoughts on “Things sock knitters say

  1. Neat. I haven’t heard any of these before. I’ve debated on whether to get extra DPNs so I can knit two socks at a time but I don’t know if it’ll be a waste of moola. I did think before that I would knit one sock of a pair and then knit another of a different pattern to keep my mojo up.

    • Tee hee. You should visit my house. I buy DPNs like lollies… different needles for different types of knitting and different weights of yarn. Plus of course, what I feel like knitting with…

  2. Your sock yarn collection BTW is wonderful.

  3. I read somewhere that there are no knitting police. And decided to take that message to heart. As a sufferer of SSS I thought that instead of knitting plain , boring socks I would create random , multi-coloured works of art. I spent a year knitting my young daughters’ socks out of all my sock yarn leftovers with no rhyme nor reason for colour selection. When a mini skein finished I simply started another whether or not it matched. I happily churned out socks with wild abandon.

    Then one day I found one daughter in tears. She wanted bought socks – ‘proper socks’ as she called them. We had a wee talk and it turned out I was the only one in love with my art work. All three little girls told me they loved Mummy socks but could they please be like bought socks – just one colour.

    I gave in and went back to knitting soul-numbing plain boredom.
    The next year multi-coloured toe socks hit the shops. Which , of course, three small females immediately wanted.

    I was merely a year ahead of my time 🙂

  4. funny 🙂
    my fav is “I am making socks that are not necessarily in pairs…”

  5. The last one is me! I have so much yarn it’s hard to choose my colors for a current sock ………. and then I think about the one in the stash ……… maybe it would be prettier to knit ……… I can always finish this one later ………..

  6. I always find myself defending my hobbie ….. people say comments like ” what a waste of time ” or “why don’t you just buy a pair “. Very frustrating . ….. And also on the moving front , everything you said was spot on . If I’m honest though I am finding it rather tough 😔

    • Yeah, well they are just jealous they can’t have couture socks too! I’m not at all surprised you are finding it tough. Hang in there. It is such an alien world to NZ. You’ll feel a lot better once the weather turns in around Oct/November and you can move without sweating.

  7. Oh. I just started to knit socks (I’m on my very first). Maybe I should stop right away… 😀

  8. I was working on a sock while waiting for a class to begin and some guys in there were surprised that anyone knitted anymore. They were also quite surprised to see how soft wool socks could be. Later on I found out that the instructor was a knitter and had been admiring my sweater all day. I like to think of sock knitting as ambassadorial work. You either teach people about knitting or find out who else knits!

  9. I’m on my first pair, having been inspired by the Oden socks you knitted. I knit like a demon and then gaze in sensual, precise wonder!
    Many thanks.