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Objects of desire


There is something about a sock – the perfection of its size, the detail that can be incorporated into such a small area of knitting, the variety of stitch techniques that can be used – I can’t believe I resisted knitting socks for such a long time!  Socks are a very satisfying form of knitting for the time poor.  And I seem to have been reinfected with sockitis in a majorly big way.  All I can think about is socks, socks and more socks!

The worst thing about this particular bout is that it’s designing sockitis! I have so many ideas bubbling that I am getting annoyed because I can’t knit them fast enough.  Good thing there is such a thing as a designing note book, for the storage of ideas for future production.  So I can’t even show you properly what I have been up to yet.  Sigh!!  Needless to say, I am extremely excited and very, very happy with how the designs are turning out.  Here is a sneak peek of one that will be released shortly.


This is Seadragonus.  I have been wanting my very own dragon sock pattern for a while, and this one is named after some of my inspiration – the most impressive dragon of all – the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus from How to Train Your Dragon (the book series by Cressida Cowell).  The young boy is a great fan of this series, and we have read every single book together as bedtime reading as they have come out.  If you have kids and haven’t yet read the books, I encourage you to consider reading them – they are quite different to the movie version.  We are eagerly awaiting what I think must be the final book, having been left on a cliffhanger as usual!

Back to Seadragonus, I have used my all-time favourite high twist merino sock yarn from Knitsch for this sock.  It’s in the Hydro colourway, which is also an appropriate colour!  I believe there is some in stock at the moment… if you are quick!

For a bit of relief from sock-vision, I decided to go for a small palate cleanser to work on in between bouts of sock.

This little design has been a very nice distraction.


It’s Nurmilintu. I decided to knit it in some beautiful alpaca/silk from Flagstaff Alpacas (more is coming soon!!)  The cream is the natural colour, and the blue has been hand-dyed by Doe Arnot.  It is so soft, and so squishy.  A lovely small thing to knit to break up the project cycle!

I had a very lovely quick visit to the second Wonders of Wool market yesterday.  Some yarn may have decided to come home with me (cough, cough).  I think that should almost be it for large yarn purchases until next year.  There is a serious amount of yarn at home that requires my attention now!

stash enhancement

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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10 thoughts on “Objects of desire

  1. You are a yarn magnet. We loved the “How to Train Your Dragon” movie. We’re going to watch the second one tonight while oinking our on ice cream. I’m intrigued about your latest sock design. The shawl has a lovely contrast with the denim and white.

  2. I so like the socks you knit, but I still resist knitting them myself. And the reason is in your first sentence – a sock. Yes, I could see me knitting a sock, but then, another one? Exactly the same? Oh dear. Everything I ever knit is very different from what has passed through my fingers previously, because I hate to do the same thing again. At the same time, I have a beautiful image in my mind of what your sock drawer must look like. Your new yarn companions look really tempting. I look forward to seeing what you turn them into. Cheers,

    • I understand your purchasing sock yarn, and you knit a whole lot more socks than I do. We won’t talk about my sock yarn stash – SABLE.
      The answer to Linda is TAAT (two at a time), having knitted quite a few pairs of socks this is a very good idea, in my case, purely theoretical, but with a sock, you can always try something new.
      Sock knitting gives you a good understanding of how far your personality traits go: symmetrically coloured socks (yep mostly), knit exactly the same way (no, the way I knit it on the first sock wasn’t that great, I have a new idea for the second sock), plain sock recipe, the latest fancypants lace?, worsted or 6 ply (no, all 4 ply so far), luxury socks (you bet, mmmmm BFL), the list is endless.

  3. I’ve been on a VERY serious yarn and fibre diet since the Auckland Woolfest when I spent double what I had budgeted for, so totally understand! All those ‘just have to have because when am I ever going to see it again’ yarns and fibres, seem to have enough for two lifetimes in my stash at the moment. Look forward to seeing the sock design in all it’s beauty soon.

  4. I’m feeling a bit better this week ! I’ll have to check that series out for my boy !! The colour of the yarn goes well with the theme !!!

  5. It’s funny how all of us knitters have such a hard time resisting the allure of yarn. It’s like it gives off yarn fumes and no one can stop themselves.

  6. I couldn’t have described the appeal of sock knitting better myself. It is the perfect little project. Once you have basic sock knitting down, your project can be as simple or as complex as you want. And since it is “sock size”, it doesn’t take eons to finish. And yes….the delightful endless options in sock yarns….yum. 😉

  7. I’m not a sock knitter, but I love the teal colour you’ve chosen.