Selachimorpha, the Shark Sock

Selachimorpha is the scientific name for the modern shark.  This sock is dedicated to the shark and has been designed to highlight another of the reasons why we need to care about how our fish is harvested from the ocean.

Selachimorpha socks

Shark fins are represented by the lace and solid triangles that swim across the surface of your sock.

An Eye of Partridge heel suggests rough shark skin.

Selachimorpha socks

Knitted top down, this pattern comes with instructions for small, medium and large size.  Both written and charted  instructions are included.  Because this is a lace pattern, strategic selection needle size and yarn weight is suggested as the most effective method for change in sizing.  I have also included instructions for heel length and where to stop for the foot length on each size.

The fitting for this sock is generous, with a 20cm/8″ circumference in the leg, unstretched, in the medium size.

Download your free pattern here!

Happy Knitting!

24 thoughts on “Selachimorpha, the Shark Sock

  1. Thank you Wei, love the pattern and hope that it does make people think about their fish sources. I rarely eat fish, but hadn’t thought about the other products that are part of the problem, now I will.

  2. Another lovely sock pattern. Thank you for your generosity in providing it freely.
    The cull of sharks in WA after one or two surfers have been taken has horrified me. The ocean is their territory and if we want to swim in it, then we must take the consequences. Thanks also for your most insightful commentary on fishing practices yesterday..

    1. I think the lack of fish in the ocean has probably got something to do with increasing shark attacks. And who can blame the sharks when a surfer looks just like a tasty turtle from their viewpoint? Glad you like the pattern. 🙂

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