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The Bleating Art sea collection


Hello, and welcome to Spring!  I’ve been having  a bit of fun this week!

Earlier this week, lovely Alice came over with a sampling of the latest batch of Bleating Art, and asked on behalf of her mum Denise, if I would name them in honour of the Sustain the Sea initiative.  Would I!?  What a privilege!  Thanks Bleating Art ladies!

Here are most of the colours all together – the Sea Collection.  Such pretty colours!  Alice has definitely got a knack for dyeing.

Bleating Art yarn

Now as you would guess, it is virtually unheard of for yarn to come into my house and actually find its way out again.  I have been extremely disciplined and not helped myself to any of these lovelies, although I am not quite sure how long the restraint is going to last… so I shall be delivering them to the Karori Flower Shop as soon as possible, before I lose all vestiges of self-control!

Let’s have a closer look shall we?  Names and inspiration are listed in order.

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin.  These beautiful creatures really are pink, often with grey spots.  Here’s more information about two types of pink dolphins – Amazon River Dolphin and the Chinese White Dolphin (which is actually pearly pink – I’ve seen it with my own eyes!)


Anemone.  No further explanation required, I think?


Cephalopod ink.  This beautiful deep grey with purply undertones reminds me of squid ink.  Did you know that squid are sometimes referred to as ink fish?


Driftwood.  There are some very interesting facts about driftwood on Wikipedia, including that it is a source of food and shelter for marine life while it is still at sea.


Conch shell:  It was hard to think of a colour of the sea that looked like this vibrant gold mustard.  But the conch (pronounced ‘konk’) is exactly like it!

Leafy sea dragon

Leafy sea dragon:  So cool that there was a colour for a real sea dragon in this collection!  The Leafy Sea Dragon is such a beautiful creature.  When I first saw one I didn’t think it was for real!

Ulva Lactuca

Ulva Lactuca:  Surely you didn’t think I’d pass up this chance to name a yarn after my shawl’s namesake, sea lettuce!? 😉

Blue ParrotfishBlue Parrotfish:  When I saw this skein, it reminded me of the pretty blue parrotfish that live on coral reefs.  With their bright blue colour and cute toothy grins, they are worthy of a skein named in their honour!  I found the fact that they can change gender repeatedly throughout their lives fascinating.

Ocean on a Cloudy Day

Ocean on a Cloudy Day:  Just because this colour looks just like a slice of the sea on one of those days when you have sunshine and clouds.

Basking Shark

Basking shark:  The basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) is a huge filter feeding shark which grows to be up to about 33 feet (10 m) long. It is the second-largest shark (after the whale shark). The basking shark is also called the sunfish, the bone shark, the elephant shark, the sailfish shark, and the big mouth shark. Basking sharks are filter feeders that sieve small animals from the water. As the basking shark swims with its mouth open, masses of water filled with prey flow through its mouth. The prey includes plankton, baby fish, and fish eggs.  Basking sharks are not aggressive and are generally harmless to people.

So there you have it.  A preview of some of the loveliness that came out of the dye pot this time at Bleating Art.   Check out the link to the Facebook page for more views of some of the colours… so pretty!!!!


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29 thoughts on “The Bleating Art sea collection

  1. I love this collection! A pity that I am in France, and the yarn is in New Zealand…..

  2. The colours and names are divine!

  3. Wow! Such beauties!! Lovely skeins and very nice names! Thanks for sharing. …will have to check out their website and try to only pick a few!

  4. Beautiful colours and beautiful words. Thanks 🙂

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  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous colours! And what great halos on the yarns, too.

  7. I absolutely ADORE the ocean on a cloudy day colorway.

  8. What fun to name those yarns, and good choices too. As for the yarns themselves they look gorgeous, Conch and Driftwood would have to be my faves. Looks like Karori Flower shop will require a visit when I’m home next.

  9. Fabulous yarn colours, fabulous names and will visit the shop when I visit Wellington next week. You give great information and knit lovely projects. Shirley

  10. Wow… Don’t know which I like best; the beautiful coloured yarn or the amazing creatures they’re named after..
    ( that parrotfish…ah…. ! )

  11. Wonderful yarn and fantastic colors!
    Why are these always at the other side of the world? 😦

  12. Those colourway names are so excellent. And the colours themselves are divine! I don’t know how you’re ever going to let them go…

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  14. We call a squid “blæksprutte” literally ink-spitter!
    Why do I live on the other side of this planet??? I want to touch that yarn 🙂

  15. Super cool and awesome! Sometimes it’s hard to be so creative and getting fresh eyes can be refreshing.