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Something Lovely


Hello!  I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the start of the week.

Thank you for your very supportive comments to the sneak peek of this design!  I have finally got the finishing touches done on Something Lovely, and am pleased to let you know that it is now available on Ravelry.

Something Lovely cowlSomething Lovely was designed to go especially well with New Zealand brushtail possum based yarn, in particular, the beautiful worsted weight Zealana yarns (KAURI Worsted (pictured above), HERON and AIR Chunky (pictured at bottom of post).  I love how possum yarns are so soft and warm – they are like little portable heaters around the neck and chest!  Because they are pill resistant and wear very well, I find that they are great for accessories that will be in the ‘public eye’ so to speak – such as things that go around the neck.

Here’s a closer look at the pattern detail:

Something Lovely cowl detail

The panels of lace and double moss are alternate, a deliberate feature because I wanted each stitch pattern to be visible however I wore the cowl.  I find that if I have a ‘half and half’ pattern that sometimes you might only see one or the other stitch, depending on how you wear it, but not both.  Alternating the panels takes away that problem.

You can, of course, substitute your own choice worsted yarn, although I would suggest keeping as close as possible to the qualities of the drapey soft yarn that I have used for this design.  Other than a possum blend, something in an alpaca/silk, or mohair/merino or a yak yarn would be quite good, but I also wonder if a more rustic-style wool yarn such as Shelter wouldn’t look amazing as well?

The pattern takes around 400m of worsted weight yarn using 5.5mm needles.

The skill level would suit an intermediate level knitter, or an adventurous advanced beginner with a rudimentary understanding of lace stitches.

The pattern is available at this link.


Something Lovely 2




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23 thoughts on “Something Lovely

  1. I agree totally about possum, it’s my favorite fibre blended in knitting yarns. So soft, so warm, so light. And your cowl is lovely.

  2. That is truly Something Lovely 🙂

  3. Another lovely pattern. Congratulations.

  4. looks great. I like the merino possum yarns cos they are so warm, soft and pill resistant – but in the last few winters I have found it too warm!

  5. Perfect timing for us, temperature has dropped with a clang this week, scarves and coats on. A très joli pattern (again), congrats.

  6. I love it . Especially the mustard colour . I wish it would start to get a bit chilly over here , still sleeping with air conditioning on ,

  7. Gorgeous!!

  8. Very pretty with a soft halo from the possum but the texture still shows beautifully. I love cowls.

    • Me too. For some reason, scarves and shawls hate to sit around my neck and are forever falling off. But cowls sit there nice and pretty and keep me warm without having to constantly fiddle.

  9. I’m just so pleased to have seen this cowl in person. It is indeed lovely!

  10. Pretty color. I love the look of the stitch panels and how this infinity wraps up wonderfully warm around. Terrific job.