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Once upon a time


Once upon a time, there was a woman who loved knitting socks.

At first, the woman knitted only plain vanilla socks.

Happy Go Knitty sock yarn

After a while, she got brave, and decided to try patterned socks.

Mimer socks

She thought that it would be a good thing to knit more socks, especially as all her family members seemed to enjoy receiving them.  She decided to attempt to knit two pairs a month.  As the year progressed, she found she was unable to keep away from the socks… by October,  she had knitted over 30 pairs!

It got worse.  Not only could she not stop knitting the socks, but she also found that she started to see sock designs in everything she looked at.

The delicate curve of an iron railing.  The feathery veins in a leaf.  The petals of a flower.  The colour of the chocolate she was eating.  Stories she read to her son.  Every single stitch pattern she saw in her stitch dictionaries! Socks filled her waking thoughts and haunted her dreams.  She ate thinking of socks, schemed socks during idle moments, and spent far too much time online stalking sock yarn stores (her sock yarn stash grew considerably).  Sketches of socks filled her notebooks, and more and more socks piled on to her needles.  The thrill of a freshly finished sock continued to be as exhilarating as ever.

She tried to knit other things: a half-finished sweater sits beside her, a poncho in need of its other half.  The yarn for another sweater lies on the floor next to her chair, looking forlorn.  A couple of cowls, some hats and a shawl were actually completed, but always, the socks called.

Soon she started designing socks, because having knitted a few pairs, she discovered that despite the thousands of patterns available, there wasn’t anything much ‘it’ any more.  She needed to express her own individualism when it came to the pretty socks.  The sketches in her notebooks needed an outlet.

Anemone socks

Thus a confirmed “sockaholic” was born.

She still knits socks by others.

Sign of the Prancing Pony

This current work in progress is Sign of the Prancing Pony by Claire Ellen. Part of her 2014/15 sock club.  Knitted in Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn in Marmageddon.

Sock fever rages unabated as the year draws to a close.  Will she ever be the same again!?  She doubts it very much.





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20 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. Sock fever is serious business!

  2. Wonderful post and lovely socks!

  3. Yup! You are addicted, a self- pronounced sockaholic! Isn’t it a fabulous addiction? I’ve been getting sock highs for the past two months ( ever since I learned how to knit socks). It’s a wonderful high, isn’t it?

    • The worst thing is that fresh highs can be obtained very easily, given how quickly socks knit up, hereby inducing further ‘need’ to knit socks!

  4. I love when you make dreams like that come true 🙂

  5. I believe it (sock fever) is caused by a virus that is transmitted by reading inspiring blog posts about sock knitting. Sock scientists at the esteemed Ravelry Research clinic are investigating data to identify if sock knitting has surpassed the usual number of cases in winter and reached epidemic proportions this year. Funny thing is people seem to want to catch this virus! I’m sure I caught it from you.

  6. And there are times when what you feel like wearing just hasn’t been created yet! Although looking at them all tucked up tight in a drawer does give immense satisfaction.

  7. I can think of so many worse afflictions 😉 Happy Socktober!

  8. Socks are the best and I don’t blame you for getting addicted. I’m trying really hard not to knit some socks right now – too many other things on the needles first!

  9. Why would you ever want to be the same again? Being a sock-addict is one of the very best addictions to have. 🙂

  10. I hope you never change! Socks are my reason to knit.

  11. Amazing socks, expecially the latter pattern… I already added it to my queue, although I’ve never knitted a single pair of socks yet. But surely I will start making socks someday… 🙂

  12. My Socktober is going strong, am on such a sock kick, just started my third pair this month during the rugby last night!

  13. This post reads like a book synopsis! Is one in the making?!