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Southern Skies – a chance to meet Audry in Wellington!

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If you read Audry Nicklin’s blog, you will know that she is in Wellington at the moment.

I have had the great privilege of spending some time with her this trip.  Last night, she prepared the most delicious taco salad I have ever eaten, and then we went to see glow worms and eels.  (To my eternal shame, the spot is less than five minutes’ drive away, and I have been there many times during the day, but never thought to go see the night life.  Thanks to her friend and host, Chris, for suggesting it!)

However, today I want to tell you that if you are in Wellington, and have always thought about wanting to make this:ws_celestarium4 (640x427)

(This is my Celestarium – it is a bit smaller than the pattern version because I didn’t use the right size needles for my gauge) or its sister, the Southern Skies, and are not quite sure about how to get started on it, or are not comfortable with the idea of incorporating beads, then you are in luck!

Audry will be running a class  at Holland Road Yarn Company this Thursday evening, 23 October.

I am sure it will be a very fun and informative evening!


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One thought on “Southern Skies – a chance to meet Audry in Wellington!

  1. Gah, that shawl is beautiful! Love that Audry is there with you in NZ. 🙂