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Wishes do come true!


It’s all Audry’s fault.

Last Christmas, she posted about this pair of socks.  They are very nice socks, especially the colourway. I wanted them. Or more exactly, I wanted to make a pair just like that, and find the self-striping yarn to do it!

Of course, Christmas colourways on side side of the world seem to be quite hard to come by.  Not to be deterred, I did a little wishing at Stray Cat Socks a few months ago.  Then Alice happened to mention something about Christmas colourways on Tracy’s Etsy site!  Gah!!  I had to have a look!  A few clicks later…

Stray Cat Socks

Oh, happy days!!!  Exactly what I wished for!

Joyeux Noel

Winter Wonderland had to come home with me too… it’s very Dr. Seuss, and the young boy thought he’d like a pair of socks in this stripe very much.

Winter Wonderland

Thank you Tracy, for making my Christmas wishes come true!  🙂




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9 thoughts on “Wishes do come true!

  1. Heh heh. I’m happy to enable.

  2. Oh Wei you must be in heaven!!! So happy for you and can’t way to see them made up. I can imagine you up all night and day clicking away!!!! I love the same colors your son loves!! So great you could find it : ) xoRobin

    • Ah, I so wish I was! Going through a very busy phase at work, and have been so tired I haven’t even been able to concentrate well enough to cast on properly! I am looking forward to things quietening down.

  3. That is just amazing yarn. I’m excited to see what it knits up like!

  4. I have so many of the Stray Cat colourways favourited. I finally succumbed just the other evening when I saw Candy Cane…can’t wait for it to arrive. I have a funny feeling I’ve stepped onto a very slippery slope 😉

  5. The Winter Wonderland colours look lovely!

  6. Haha, Dr Seuss is spot on to describe that. Fun knitting ahead.