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The Aster MKAL


October was/is Socktober in the knitting world.  All sorts of beautiful projects are created in this month dedicated to the art of knitting socks.

A while back, Denise of the Karori Flower Shop, and co-creator at Bleating Art, invited me to contribute a mystery sock pattern for the shop’s  “Soctober” month of events.  The idea of designing a flower-themed sock was very appealing, so off I went and buried my nose in books about flowers and plants, and started sketching and swatching and dreaming…

The sock was called Aster, after this inspiration.


This is echinacea, but it is part of the Aster genus.  The Aster (Asteraceae, or daisy) family of flowers is the second most numerous family of flowers with over 23,000 currently accepted species.  The word aster means “star” in Greek, referring to the appearance of some family members, as a “star” surrounded by “rays”.  It includes many lovely varieties that are used by florists, including dahlias, zinnias, chrysanthemums and sunflowers.  I thought it fitting to base the sock design on this genus for a florist’s sock pattern.

The pattern was broken down into two clues, so I made the socks a bit different to my usual style to keep things interesting and to provide surprises along the way.

The group has been working through the sock pattern this month.  Yesterday, an official unveiling of all the socks took place, so I thought I’d go along and see.

DSC01548 (640x480)

Haven’t they all done such a lovely job?  Can you see the flowers, the leaves and the stem in the sock?  These socks were knitted by Susan, Shona, Sara, Maureen and Denise.  There is also a pair in there that are mine.

Let’s have a close look at the detail:

Susan's socks

This fresh green version was knitted by Susan.  The pink and purples below were from left to right, by Shona, Sara and Denise.


Here are the lovely ladies, and yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that is indeed Audry whom you see!

Aster socks

Audry was doing the lucky draw for the bag and goodies that you see on the left hand side of this picture.

Lucky winner

Shona was the lucky winner – it was a fantastic prize!

Karori Flower Shop knitters

It was a lovely afternoon out and a nice way to start the long weekend.  I was glad to be able to join them and also have the privilege of seeing all the finished socks.

There was some discussion about opening the sock pattern up to a wider audience for another MKAL, but I have decided on balance that I will adapt the pattern slightly (to take into account some of the comments about the socks) and I will release it as a regular pattern.  We may be holding a KAL for it over on the Kiwiyarns group on Ravelry though.  Stay tuned for more news on that subject.

I’m looking forward to having one more day off tomorrow (it’s Labour Weekend here).  It will be nice to have a rest as I have been working non-stop this month, and am feeling a little more than exhausted!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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15 thoughts on “The Aster MKAL

  1. I think – you designed a beautiful sock Wei Siew. And weren’t we lucky to have an international friend draw the winner of our bag plus goodies

  2. That’s a super design. I look forward to the pattern release 🙂

  3. Wei, What a lovely experience that was for all those ladies. The sock patterns so lovely, great job, as always. Enjoy your extra day off. xoRobin

  4. My aunt has sent me wool from there, she lives in Kaori (and my mum grew up there)! Lovely pattern

  5. They are great….my fav is the green…as it is what I am always drawn to….

  6. O wow… ! And looks like it’s been great fun, too !

  7. As soon as I come back to nz ( which is in July next year) I am doing a trip to welly and I’m going to that shop !!! I now have one vest and one pair of socks on the go !! You are a pattern making machine, don’t know how you do it !!

    • It is a very lovely little shop. 🙂 Well, I was quiet at work at the right time this year so had time to spare. Now, I am very busy and there’s no hope of me writing another pattern for at least another month or two! (not to say there won’t be more releases coming soon though)

  8. I had such a great time spending time with you and all those ladies!

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  10. I managed to come along to the first session and started my first ever pair of lace socks – so exciting! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of my green to knit the two socks so worked in grey for the foot – that could be the soil?? Anyhow, I feel that after knitting loads of st st socks, these are my first coming of age ones! Thanks for the lovely pattern and my first ever MKAL.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed knitting the socks! I have to say I felt the same when I knitted my first pair of patterned socks after so many stocking stitch ones. 🙂