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Knitter’s joy


I put away most of my winter accessories this weekend, as I’ll not need them again for a few months.

It’s times like this when I see many of my winter accessories all together in a lovely cosy bundle of wool, alpaca, possum and mohair that I am proud to be a Knitter.

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13 thoughts on “Knitter’s joy

  1. Ah-Ha! I see a great patt poking out there; the 5th item down—the Gray-Lilac, Double Lattice patterned Cowl. I’m on my 7th one of these beauties and LV this patt. After counting out the 24-st set-up row I don’t even use St markers any more. It’s an intuitive patt (the crossings) and just interesting enough (a plain round alternating w/a crossing round) that one wants to keep on working to see the patt develop.

  2. I really miss reading your posts. Internet is difficult where I now live only get it on my phone x

    Your pile looks so lovely. You should be so very proud xx

  3. Oh yes indeed, a scrumptious stack of warmth and love! xoRobin Well done💕

  4. Looks lush…
    and it being grey here today and getting colder, I realize my pile wants to come out and become at least as high as yours… 😉

  5. What a yummy pile of hand knits, makes me want to burrow in! Especially as it’s getting darker and colder here and so the hand knits are coming out

    • The first day of autumn is one of my favourite days in the whole year. The crisp bite of frost, the cloudy breath and feeling of being Alive after the crushing heat of summer is so wonderful. Even more when there is a nice warm snuggly thing around one’s neck and ears!

  6. Putting away your accessories?! I’m trying to knit some new ones up really quickly so I don’t freeze to death.

    • Amazing how we get used to certain climates. 🙂 Also, although some of the accessories were put away, you can never fully put away all warm clothing in Wellington – there will always be the odd cold day in summer that needs a little something to wrap around you. Cardigans are a constant go-to during summer.

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  7. I’m not putting my woollies away at least until the end of November. Because I always get caught out at this time of year with a sudden need for extra cover (like last Friday when I had none of my 6 hats on me and desperately needed one).

    • I don’t think one can ever properly put woollies away in Wellington. I just put away most of them – a hat still lives at the bottom of my bag, and there are still about four lighter cowls/shawls that will sit on standby until it gets too hot, and then I’ll wash them, and by then it will be cold enough to wear them again! 😀